Guy Ritchie blasts “obsessed” Madonna

Guy Ritchie speaks up about Madonna, obviously there was a lot of friction between them two in recent months, and his revealations about her are no big surprise. Well, that’s her brother and now her ex-husband she’s created enemies with,.

She’s in Toronto this weekend Oct 18 and 19 for her Sticky and Sour Tour.

Guy Ritchie has branded
Madonna “obsessed”, saying “the laughs in our life together were long gone,” as
divorce proceedings between the couple begin.

(BANG) –

Guy Ritchie has branded Madonna “obsessed”, saying “the laughs in our life
together were long gone,” as their divorce proceedings begin.

Madonna and Guy, whose nearly eight-year marriage came to an end yesterday
(15.10.08), are set to divorce by Christmas.

Heartbroken director Guy has now admitted to friends how much the pair’s love
deteriorated in recent months.

According to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, the ‘RocknRolla’ filmmaker
told friends: “I’m afraid the laughs in our life together were long gone. She’s
obsessed with her own public image, obsessed with being seen as some kind of
global soothsayer. It’s silly, she’s a pop star.

“I just wanted a regular husband and wife thing. But it was always a great
song and dance just to do ordinary stuff.

“There was a time when she used to have a sense of humor about herself. In
the last few years she just got angry. In the end, we had no proper family life
at all. We were two different people, living two different lives.”

Madonna, 50, has hit back claiming Guy, 40, was selfish and put his own
interests ahead of his family.

According to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, the ‘4 Minutes’ singer has accused
her spouse of refusing to spend his own money, ignored her pleas to spend more
time in New York and shunned her faith in the Kabbalah religion.

She also says he wouldn’t support her emotionally over plans to adopt a
second child and increasingly quarreled about her career eclipsing his own.

Guy is “incandescent with rage” over the allegations, branding his wife’s
faith a “weird religion”.

A source said: “Guy’s initial support and interest in Kabbalah turned to
annoyance and hatred. Guy doesn’t believe Kabbalah is a religion on a par with
Christianity. He thinks a lot of it is hokum – which has infuriated Madonna.”

Proceedings in the divorce case are said to have already been set in motion
with Madonna hiring top lawyer Fiona Shackleton – who previously represented
both Prince Charles and Beatles musician Paul McCartney in their divorce battles
– and has reportedly already issued Guy with legal papers.

It is believed the estranged pair are determined to settle the divorce
without the need to go to court.

Sources say Guy reluctantly signed a pre-nuptial agreement before the
marriage, guaranteeing him only a lump sum payout instead of a share of
Madonna’s estimated $535 million fortune, while other sources say he has said
wants “not one penny” of her money.

The couple, who were first reported to have marriage troubles in June, raise
three children together – Lourdes, 12, Madonna’s child by dancer Carlos Leon,
Rocco, eight, and adopted David Banda, two.

It is not clear who will get custody of the children.

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