Beginning of the end.

Jane Creba, shown here in an undated family photo, was doing some Boxing Day shopping on Yonge St. in 2005 when she was shot by a stray bullet.

In 2005, a night when people were shopping in downtown
Toronto on Boxing Day, 15 year old girl Jane Creba, and other
innocent bystanders shopping that night were caught in the middle of a
shooting rampage among thugs (described lightly), most likely part of a
gang. Creba shot dead. Her and her family will not see justice. The
thugs, the scum who were responsible for this despicable act of crime
finally have their day in court… three years later. There’s no
justice in all of this, the court case will be done in 2 months, but
only within a few years will these shits be scott free back on the
streets, like as if nothing happened that night, as if no body existed,
no loss, nothing.Jane Creba’s life had no value, among others in similar cases.

Three years in jail while awaiting for this long awaited
trial will give these asswipes about 5 years credit. Here in Canada, a
2nd degree murder conviction puts one behind bars for about 12 years or
less. Since Harper has won the election, instead of automatic sentences
for carrying guns,it’s what you do with these guns that matter, there
should be automatic sentences or minimum sentences for murder and if
found guilty for murder the 2 for1 credit for time served has  to be
waived. I cannot comprehend this whole notion about credit for murder.
It’s no wonder gun crimes are up, it’s because when we hear that people
are getting a few years in jail for killing another person these thugs
who do it, a few years means nothing to them.

Some may ask, why set aside credit for time served in
murder cases, I’ll tell you why. YOU cannot be a value to someone
else’s life, that’s why. There are no excuses. And only when it happens
to someone you know or love, that’s when one can fully grasp it. Judges
sit behind their bench and live in their bubble, to fully understand
the affects of this you have to experience it or else there is no
meaning or understanding. 

Canada’s justice system was written for MAD magazine. It’s a fuckin joke!

Courts Bureau

The long-awaited first trial in the Boxing Day 2005 shooting death of
15-year-old Riverdale Collegiate student Jane Creba began today with prosecutor
Kerry Hughes presenting an outline to the jury of the evidence she expects to

Hughes told the court that seven of eight shell casings found outside a store
on Yonge St., north of Dundas St., where Creba was fatally shot can be traced
back to the gun carried by a young man charged in her murder.

The youth was arrested at Castle Frank subway station 40 minutes later had
the 9 mm Ruger semi-automatic handgun in his right jacket pocket, Hughes said.
The accused can only be identified as JSR because he was 17 when Creba was shot
on Dec. 26, 2005. He is now 20.

Creba was shot in the back during a shootout on Yonge St., which was crowded
with Boxing Day shoppers, Hughes said.

“She was the innocent victim of a gunfight,” Hughes said.

Six others were injured in the crossfire.

In his opening instructions, Ontario Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer
told the jurors that it is not up to the accused to prove his innocence.

“The presumption of innocence means (he) starts the trial with a clean

The trial is expected to last two months and to be one of the most
high-profile proceedings of the decade.

Dressed in a black sweater and gray sweat pants, JSR swayed slightly as he
stood beside his lawyers Mara Greene and Gary Grill and pleaded not guilty to
one count of second-degree murder, six counts of attempted murder and five
weapons charges.

Hughes’ opening was interrupted when a male juror fell ill.

It was unclear in what form the trial would continue.

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