It’s no wonder that a small percentage of the Canadian population turn out to vote, perhaps because the voter’s card is wrong! Based on where you live and which centre you’re residing in the voter’s card tells you which polling station to go vote, and they got it wrong. Fortunately, I had a car to go out and vote today, but for those who rely on public transit, I am sure they’re not going to travel around the city because the information the voter’s card is incorrect.

No rocket scientist needed,could the writing on the wall be any more clear that those who voted for Harper made a wrong choice now that there is another minority government and after wasting time and taxpayers money??

So when I went to cast my vote for the Liberals today (I did some test on CTV.CA telling me I’m an NDP thinker), I encountered a bunch of airheads that were hired at these polling stations (and they get paid well for advance polls and tonight they can earn up to $1000), they actually appeared to be oblivious to where they were because they were clueless of their responsibilities, I had to remind them of their duties. I was greeted by a Polish/Russian/USSR something like immigrant who wore a tank top exposing his hairy back and who smelled like a polish sausage, and surprise he couldn’t read the list of names, he forgot his bifocals at home or on the boat, I asked if I could look at the list and look for my name as I didn’t have all day and had other things to do. And above all that I was suppose say oath and they didn’t ask me to! Obviously these people were not trained like they’re supposed to. I thought I saw Osama Bin Ladin casting his vote. I thought you had to be a citizen to vote. Anyone can show up with 2 pieces of ID, no proof of citizenship required. PROUD TO BE CANADIAN, EH! Show us your Driver’s Lisence, YOUR CANADIAN!

But I give kudos to Elizabeth May of the Green Party for standing up to what she believes in even though they had no chance of winning anything. Honestly, that’s a true winner!!  Inspiring. Good for her!!

All you American’s out there, what you about to read is no joke…here in Canada, we like to think of human beings as chickens or perhaps cows, you know where it’s no big deal to eat birds an animals, we like to think the same for humans, the Canadian justice system values money more than a human being, for example today,  someone convicted of manslaughter received a sentence of 34 months in jail. No lie…here’s the news article….

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