Uncle JoJo

My Niece Aliayla

Agghhh, I babysat my niece for about 21 hours and I’m exhausted!!, thanx to the princess she woke me up a couple times during the night, she’s just adorable!!…I’ll babysit again, I think.

But tonight I managed to visit my grandparents at their retirement home.They recently moved in. I don’t like where they’re at, I feel very sorry for them but they need to be taken care of. The retirement home has a cold feeling to it, it doesn’t have that homey touch, it has morgue feel. It just saddens me that they left their home of 30 years for that. I don’t know why I am saddened by it. I’ve been closed to them since I was born. More with my grandmother. They deserve better than that place. They’re given a small room and they’re separated, what the hell??? And as I observed, none of the other elders mingle or party it up a bit. My grandparents told me that one night my grandfather was laying down and he was awaken by someone rubbing his face, my grandfather thought it was my grandmother, but it was one of the other elders. Apparently the elder thought it was her husband who died several years ago.

To retire in a fancy retirement home it will cost $2400 a month or so. Gotta plan early. I have 50 more years and I’m NOT counting..lol.but when the time will come I will retire on an island with servants and whole bunch of dogs.

Well, I’ve always wanted to create little Joey’s or Josephina’s pehaps running around rampid, the world needs my offspring. After babysitting my sister’s little munchkin I don’t think my rampid offpsring will be happening anytime soon and if one day it happens I will get a bunch of nannies and workers to help out, just like how those celebrities, do it don’t let them fool ya, they don’t raise kids they got workers to do it for them.

If all the people who pop out babies were to babysit an infant for 24 hours before they decide if they wanted a baby, I am sure a lot of unfortunate children would be saved. It’s a huge responsibility, unless you leave them in the crib alone and hope for the best. Murderers are raised that way.

Is there where I insert “I need a drink”?? Even though I don’t drink.

Only when I’m pushing a baby in a stroller at the grocery store I take it personal when there’s a b arcade of shopping carts blocking the entrance making it difficult for those with a baby carriage to make through. Those damn lazy employees on the bench ignored my kind request to move the carts so guess what happened? Shit hit the ceiling, well, I was outside so it hit the sky. Unfortunately I had to get the cute supervisor to help out. Listen, if someone is so incompetent to do something simple I react this way, the asshole within me comes out..MEOOWW. And it’s not a customer’s job to do something that should be done.  And why is this happening at the higher end grocery store? you’d think the extra money you pay for groceries would get ya better service, oh yes, its to pay their rent and waxed apples, why do they wax apples anyway?? Even fruits need a touch up? And I’ve compared produce and all that and um, it’s the same quality, length, girth and all that at the lower end stores, so why the hell does ‘Metro’ formally known as “Dominion’ charge more for the same thing?? It’s all because of the waxed apples and the waxed floors. Wax on Wax Off.

One of the best things to do with a 6 month baby is talk to them. Why you ask? Well besides bonding with the infant because even though they don’t know the hell you’re saying, just like a dog, it’s good for the long run. I took a stroll with my niece yesterday and I was educating her and she was paying attention. Say things like “that’s a tree”, “that’s a bus” or “that’s a crazyman”. .

We had a fire in our building just 2 doors down. My sister and I didn’t put too much attention to the sounds of the smoke detector and the firetruck sirens, I later looked through the peephole and  there were fireman everywhere, I usually  don’t open the door to strangers unless if it’s a fireman. But there were like 4 firemen trucks and police that closed off the street.  My sister was startled, grabbed the baby and ran out  without shoes on. I ran out with just my underwear..lol..Thankfully the fire was under control. Yesterday as I left my apartment, so did the guy from the burning apartment, he was carrying on like if nothing happened with is tennis racket and workout gear.

We’re just 2 days away from an election in Canada and a recent poll shows that there will be a minority government. D’oh I could of told you that. And like all power hungry politicians Harper said he’ll step down as leader if the Conservative Party don’t win majority government. More reason to vote for any party but the Conservatives, and he needs to take Stockwell Day with him, another guy who thinks with his asshole. I’m sure those voting for the Liberals such as myself are doing so not because they (Liberals) have a great platform or leader, because they don’t, but just to keep Harper out.

 It’s 11:30 PM, and it’s time to sing ya a song…

Got this endless itch to ride
Into the night
Fortune cookie says I’m right
Kung Foo like

Shake your body Mister
Gonna make ya body blister, say hey, hey, hey
Don’t wanna have ta make ya
I don’t wanna have ta shake ya down, hey, hey, hey

I’ll take ya till ya all spun up
Pitter, patter doesn’t matter what you got
I’ll take ya till ya all spun up
And in love
And into the night life
I’ll take ya till ya all spun up
And in love
And into the night life

Want to dress for you tonight
Under the light
Shot up like a satellite
Into the night
Shake ya money maker
I will never ba a faker now, hey hey hey
Leave ’em standing waitin’
Till they’re practically faintin’ now, hey hey hey

I’ll take ya till ya all spun up…

Shirtless wonders wreck my sight
Under the light…


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