Back Door

You gotta love those big ass laptops, they sizzle your testicles and we know what heat does to your swimmers. I regret that I bought this big ass laptop last year. I thought I should remind you.

Had some time to watch ‘Baby Mama’, it was really good. I was expecting less, it was actually a funny movie. Also watched Celine Dion’s DVD Live in Las Vegas ‘ A New Day’, with complete All Access features, I enjoy watching backstage stuff, it’s interesting to watch, tense to watch perfectism and to see how everything is put together. Where other performers All Access contains a few clips, this Celine DVD package contains unedited backstage footage from the time she leaves her home to the end of the show, as if nothing is left out. You can tell she’s all for the fans and that’s how it should be because it’s the fans that make a performer successful. I’m not a Celine fan, just like watching different kinds of entertainments.

I like thatCeline song “If you touch me like this, if you touch me like that, it’s coming….”lol.

Celine is like Mariah Carey, a stick with a dress, they just walk across the stage belting out songs. No movement,.kinda like Casper the friendly ghost sweeping across the stage. Booooooooooooooooring. I’d rather go see a show with some lynch singing songs and a good theatrical performance. A few years ago Elton John insulted Madonna saying how she lynch sings in concert and it’s apparent that it has scarred Madonna  because after that comment she rarely lynch sings, and concert goers who watch her have to endure the crappy vocals, this ever since Elton made that comment. Well, it’s easy for Elton John  because he just sits on a bench in front of a piano while he moves his fingers, where Madonna and followers are sweating to a workout on stage. Don’t get me wrong, Elton is very talented using mouth, words and fingers.

The only thing entertaining about last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was the opening segment with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Pouele as Hilary Clinton coincidentally this was on right after I watched ‘Baby Mama’, they’re both in that movie. IF you want a good laugh watch the movie. But SNL is dying, most of the cast is not funny. WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOD ENTERTAINMENT????

Speaking of crappy entertainment, who the hell allowed Paris Hilton at the International Film Festival???? She has absolutely no talent whatsoever other than being a douchebag. It’s an insult to the art community. The only thing she’s good at is being on all fours and taking it like a poodle.

Someone needs to shake up the system!!!!

And in moments I will be watching Wil Smiths HanCOCK. Him and his super duper powers.

Okay, back to the concert subject, why isn’t there a male pop sensation??  These back from the dead male groups is like watching mummies wobble to music. Seriously, isn’t there any fresh talent out there???

Did you know that if your Uterus is shaped like a T, yo have a one in a milion chance of concieviing? Ya, who would of thought??

I think I am gonna go dance in my living room, and pretend I’m a Pop Sensation..

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