I’ve been quite busy lately, ever since Brad Pitt is in town for the Toronto Internation Fim Festival, he and I have been hanging out a bit, quite a lot actually. I met Angelina Jolie on their private jet along with their 20 kids, it was a very tiring experience. Especially with all the camera flashing and people wanting a piece of you, it can tax your energy.  So I got bored with them and looked around for other notable celebritiies and none really interest me, so I woke up and started my

Tonight is the MTV Music Awards and I can’t wait to see what my girl Britney Spears is up to now. She looks awesome, I am sure people are going talk about her presence.If I were her, I would make a huge entrance and top every other performance done, just to show what I’m made of and say “NOW, I am back Bitches!”, but I’m not Britney, gotta have good management for that.

The Canada’s Walk of Fame Wanna-be- Hollywood ceremony somehow made it to TV, figure skater Kurt Browning is hosting, he’s cute but not funny but the’ New Kids in the Hall’ were. KD Lang is looking more like Elton John lately. And they have quite a few things in common, they’re gifted musicians, they both look like lesbians and they’ve grown big. The biggest star in this boring ceremony and in my opinion is Micheal J. Fox, he’s Canada’s legend. I had a crush on him when I was in Grade 5, I remember back then I had to do a monologue for some school project and my mother told me to say “I think Micheal J. Fox is cute”, from there on rumors began and I was tormented in middle school by kids and it followed me into my high school years. Thank you mother!! . But when we went to Vancouver in 1986 for Expo 86′, I kept dreaming I saw Micheal J Fox  on the street because I researched about him and it said he’s from BC, I was 11 years old, I didn’t know better. A few years later I was fixated with Madonna, ‘Erotica’ scared the hell outta me. I thought she was a freak and that’s why I liked her.

You tend to like people who you can related to.

When her ‘Sex’ book was out I bought a few copies, including copies in French, I still have a couple of them still sealed, back then I made a display of the ‘Sex’ book and posted it all over my wall in my bedroom along with a rope and chains.

Obviously my parents don’t believe in therapists.

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