$275 Million, is what Oprah earned just last year alone, and other talking heads.

With all the money Oprah has, she can literally wipe her ass with bills. I wonder how she keeps mentally stable being insanely rich. Then you have Judge Judy, who once earned only $40k for being a family judge in NYC, she now earns $45 million yearly and just renewed her contract to 2013, all that just for being judgmental, rude, and a bitch.


Whoever said talk is cheap hasn’t met Oprah, Howard Stern or David Letterman.

And these three aren’t the only ones being paid big bucks to gab. Between
June 1, 2007, and June 1, 2008, the 10 stars on our list of the best-paid
personalities banked a combined $604 million largely on their ability to do
precisely that: talk.

Winfrey tops the list, pulling in $275 million over the course of the year,
nearly four times what the second-best paid talker pulled down during the same

In addition to her flagship production, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the
self-made billionaire’s multi-media empire also includes two self-titled
magazines, an XM Satellite Radio show and an active production company. During the year, she drew headlines
for her support of presidential hopeful Barack Obama and prime-time viewers for
her ABC reality series Oprah’s Big Give.

Up next: Hollywood’s most powerful celebrithy will roll out the Oprah Winfrey Network in
partnership with Discovery Communications.

Talk show host and media king Howard Stern is second on our list, with
earnings of $70 million over the year-long period.

Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio deal pays him $100 million a year, minus the production costs for the
show, which come out of his pocket. The downside: His famously raunchy fare
doesn’t get nearly as many listeners as it did on his former over-the-air

Tied for third, late-night host David Letterman and daytime TV’s Judge Judy
Sheindlin each earned $45 million.

While the veteran jokester continually loses out to rival Jay Leno in the
ratings, Letterman has something else over the Tonight Show host: He
owns a stake in his CBS  show. The monetary leg-up also proved a strategic one last December, when
Letterman’s production company, WorldWide Pants, hammered out a deal with its
striking Writers Guild members to get them back to work.

Sheindlin, a tough-talking former New York City family court judge, has been
gaining fame and money alike since she arrived on the national scene in the
early 1990s. Three years after 60 Minutes profiled her, Hollywood
producers offered the judge her own television show, Judge Judy.

Some 12 years later, the daytime legal series is a ratings phenomenon. With
an average viewership of 5.6 million, Judge Judy regularly trounces all
11 other court shows and often beats daytime leader Oprah. (Only
Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy consistently rank higher among
all of the syndicated series tracked by Nielsen.) Last year, Sheindlin
renegotiated her contract with CBS, boosting her salary to $45 million a year
through 2013.

Rounding out the top five best-paid personalities: Dr. Phil McGraw, who raked
in a cool $40 million during the year-long period.

The relationship guru–and Oprah Winfrey protege–courted both consumers and
controversy over the course of the year. The former through his syndicated show
Dr. Phil, as well as his Match.com endorsement and many best-selling
books; the latter from his highly-publicized intervention with a
then-hospitalized  Britney Spears. Some three months later, McGraw caught still more flak when a
producer on his show posted bail for the ringleader of a group of teen girls who
viciously beat another girl on video.

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