Walk the talk

I am sure a lot of people have been watching the Presidential Conventions. I have.It’s great that these politicians can stand there and read speeches and make all sorts of promises, but what’s important is who can do the job and live up to those promises. Even though Obama has little experience, he has the smarts, and unlike McCain he’s not 90 years old. Besides there’s nothing brilliant about McCain, the guy cannot do the job for many reasons, one of which is the fact that he’s kinda old, 90 years old should be the cut off, what is he 92 or something? If the American’s want to continue down the destructive path it has been for the past 8 years, vote for the Republicans. They (American’s) need to remember which party destroyed their country into pieces and who’s been responsible for that.

There’s nothing inspiring about the republican convention, most of it was spent bashing the Democrats and little was spent on how they will repair the damage which was done by their own party for the past 8 years They’re wasting time on the little things which they have been for the last 8 years, like the so-called war that’s going on, they’re clueless on what really matters.

His choice for Vice-President, she’s a fast talker and a bit intelligent, she’ll end up being President anyway when McCain ends up dying soon. I like the fact that her family is not perfect, she has 5 kids, her youngest daghter was fixing the baby’s hair with her saliva, now that was cute..lol. The Palin chick only has experience in a US state with the population of 2000 or so. And wasn’t it just months ago when people were critizing and blaming the parents of Britney Spears16 year old sister for being pregnant, now suddenly Palin’s family issue is a personal matter and no one is saying much about who’s to blame.  What kind of society do we live in? What matter’s most here? A celebrity’s issue which has little significance of what goes on in the country or someone who’s been chosen to help run a country??

See what happens when people are in the public eye? They’re lives are under a microscope and people will dig up whatever they can to sabotage someone. I honestly think she’s not fit for the job. The vice-president job is a very demanding job, she should spend more time on raising her young children one of which is a special needs child. Parents play a vital role raising their kids and if career comes first then DON’T HAVE KIDS!!,

Obama is the guy for the job and he’s a LEO, and so is Bill Clinton, and Clinton was one of the best presidents the US ever had, and besides, LEO’s get the job done and we have the smarts, but they’re stupid criminals.

I would like to devote a sentence or a few, perhaps an overrun sentence and thank the young smartass who cut me off purposely like as if wanted me to cause an accident with him, then to top that off, after he cut me off he made me wait for him to turn left and during all this he was smiling in his side mirror and then turned back and smiled some more.Wow, that’s funny. Not!

I walked a few miles today, something about walking for miles and looking at the little cute houses on the way and a few parks. Walking for miles is amazing, it lifted my spirts, I’m used to be the car. And um, well, make sure you don’t look like a weirdo while doing it. I was a bit tired from walking so much, I wasn’t wearing proper shoes for the spontaneous and unplanned excursion. But as soon as I got home and was in the elevator I glanced into the mirror and realized I was walking around with a bare shoulder, my shirt was pulled down exposing myself, it looked like I was purposely trying hard to look sexy exposing my shoulder. I was carrying a backpack which was pulling my shirt down and I didn’t realize it.  No wonder people were starring at me, I thought perhaps it was because they liked my smartass shirt or something, who knows. I’m one of those people who is capable of being funny without even doing anything.

Hey, I’m there to entertain, just being myself. No Acting Required.lol..

So, I got to say, don’t meet people who are 80lbs less than you, it will only make you feel like a GoodYear Blimp, even when you’re not.  And it’s worse meeting a 120lbs freeloader, but it feels good making people feel stupid thinking I’m stupid. Like the one’s who only got muscles and shit for brains, for example the one’s who work at the gym. They know nothing about the  Consumer Protection Act. I can’t believe there are webpages devoted to bashing Extreme Fitness. The greedy big corportations, I got no respect for them. There’s no difference betwee them and a con man.

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