I’d rather be

(Sometimes proof reading helps)

If you can’t take vulgar language you don’t want to read this.

Listen, I may look stupid, I may walk stupid, I may act stupid sometimes but I’ve got news for you I am not stupid. Perhaps stupid is written across my fuckin forehead, I don’t know and I don’t care, but one thing I have is little threshold for crap.

Do I look like someone you know? I’m in a restaurant today and people are looking over at me, Am I wearing your shirt or something? one nasty guy was scrutinizing my actions, do you feel sufficient?  And NO I’ve not lost my mind nor am I experiencing a lower life crisis. And yea, I’ve got issues, but don’t give me any tissues.

Or perhaps it’s when the manager at the gym that lied to me when I told them I just wanted to take advantage of their promotion but thought they really got some stupid dude when they said I was able to cancel my membership in 30days when it fuckin reads in BOLD on the contract ‘CANCEL IN 10 days’. Surprise! I will be there in 8 days to cancel and it won’t be done gracefully, and it won’t be pleasant kinda like when you’re being fucked up the ass.

Perhaps, it’s the look on my face that says “please take advantage of me, I want to be used and abused, it feels damn good.”

NEWSFLASH: I don’t buy friendships nor people. If I did, I would dial 1-800-ESCORTS. (Or whatever those desperate people call).

And if I am carrying an extra 10lbs, its because my body is meant to be that way and it took me time to accept the fact, I rather not be slim and boney as if  I’m anorexic or sick.

I refuse to live up to other people’s standards or what they want to see, if you don’t like anything about me, trust me I will get over it in 5, 4, 3 , 2 ,1 ..!  I’d rather be bored to death going to a sewing convention than deal with fools.

And I just saw Madonna’s concert and it’s time for her to switch back to lypch singing. The show kinda sucks. The catwalk/runway is kinda cool. but it still sucks. Madonna is trying too hard..it’s OVA!

If I am experiencing mood swings, depression, insecurity, a bit of low self-esteem its because I’m partly human and it’s okay, because NOOOOOO BODY IS PERFECT!!

Later, I need to call 1-800- HELP ME.

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