Madonna, Better with Age

Let me begin by saying that I am just as shocked as you are that the Material Girl herself is turning the big 5-0. For the first time in my life I am reminded that Madonna is not just a pop culture icon, but a real human being. A mortal like you and I that will endure the aging process; although with the grace, style and fountain of youth that can only be obtained with millions of dollars and adoration of her glam followers.

Perhaps one of the reason’s it’s so difficult to wrap my head around Madonna reaching that half century benchmark is because it doesn’t seem as if she’s been one person for any extended length of time. Born Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie in 1958, she spent many years studying dance, dabbling in art films and modeling. However, by the time she turned 30, she was ready for her first and biggest re-invention; becoming a pop idol. Madonna released her self-titled debut album in 1983 and never looked back.

As we’re all aware, she’s been the Queen of re-invention; being Madonna, the Material Girl, Evita (yes, that counts), Madge, a Jewish mysticist and now, in her 50th year… “MDolla”. And no, I didn’t make that last one up, check the brass knuckle ring/ name plate she’s sporting on the cover of “Hard Candy” if you don’t believe me.

Through all these stages, one thing has been blatantly obvious, Madonna is nobody’s fool and has always known exactly what she wanted and how to get it. Even if that meant taking personal tragedies and turning them into fuel for her fire i.e. enduring a marriage to camera smashing sweetie Sean Penn, contributing to some of the worst movies to ever grace a silver screen (minus “A League Of Their Own”, seriously!), being frowned on by the Pope, taking a severe tumble off her horse, the list goes on!

As the monarch of infectious, dance friendly pop, she’s been a “ Ray of Light ”, getting people into her groove and influencing a new legion of female Madge-ettes to fuel the blonde ambition legacy. From Gwen Stefani and Pink to Christina and Britney, even Beyoncé, have all cited Madonna as an influence! Perhaps it’s been her ability to channel so many influences that has made Madonna capable of in turn influencing different styles. However I’m also sure these chart-topping ladies looked to Madonna to learn a thing or two about how to stay on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

While Madonna may be one of the most influential pop icons of the last twenty four years, it seems that there has always been one pop tart that she’s tried to mould and that’s Britney B*%ch! We all remember their bff moments captured by the papps, but it seems that of late, Madge has been doing her part to get Brit stage ready ( the proof ). Could it be that Madonna wants Brit to carry the torch once she hangs up the cones for good?

Madonna may be turning 50, but there don’t seem to be any signs that she’s going to be slowing down. While she may be getting up there, she is proving that she’s as bankable as ever. Collaborating with the hottest artists, staying tabloid cover worthy and still linked to more than one man at a time, this material girl may only be getting better with age.

Happy 50th Madge!

My present to you; the Madonna video show ! So many favourites all in one show!

Oh, and just because I’m so darned excited about it, check back August 22nd to see the premiere of the new video from one of Madge’s followers; P!NK !!!!


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