Lovers Go cRazY and act like fools.

Do you know what I want just about now? Huh? Well do you? I’ll tell you!

I’ll give you a hint, and no it’s not C*** or A**, or dark chocolate.

I want to go to an island and take a vacation for a few years, and just forget about everything. That’s what I wanna do. And on this island I want to have sex every other day, cause I don’t know what sex is anymore. Sorry for the revelation but the truth had to be let out, I live my life like those monkies do, sorry I mean monk. I don’t know what fun is anymore. Fun for me is going to the grocery store and buying food for my bland boring diet. NO WONDER I WALK AROUND AS IF A PICKLE IS UP MY ASS! But have no fear I read Britney is preparing for a “huge comeback” and is working on a new album. Rejoice!!

I had to rent a car this weekend, and do you know what car they only had left? Well, do ya? A GRAND PRIX!!!! They were out of cars, even though I reserved one!!  So they rented me a big fat ass Pontiac Grand Prix and guess what? I don’t have a big fat ass and I said you could of rented me a boat because this car is like a BOAT!!  If you’ve ever driven a Grand Prix, it feels like you’re driving a big fat ass boat .The Grand Prix drinks gas like I drink water. And I have to drive far this weekend. And I hate hotels, there was a time where I’ve said that I could live in hotels I loved them, but the older I get it just makes me cringe to the thought of what could be on those hotel comforters, because hotels don’t wash the comforters. Anyway, before I head out of town I gotta go visit big ole grandpapa, he turned 87 today. And then after that I’m going to Madonna’s birthday party at her Detroit… We are all part of the pact, we’re Leo’s, and unlike me they tend to show their genitals alot.  But in my grandpapa’s case it is unintentional.

If you’re reading this and find that I don’t make sense or I seem warped, it’s cause I’m sleep/sex/fun deprived..Too much going on, hence the need for a vacation. And it’s showing. I am damn stressed out, I am tense and I need to be loosened up. So grab the soya oil, the whips and chains and lets get physical!!!

( break into song and dance…Let’s Get Physical)

Well, I am sure I will have a lot more to say another day, but for now I’m gonna go to sleep for a few days. Maybe I’ll work on my picture collage this weekend which I’m planning of putting as a backdrop in the picture section. And I need a haircut, otherwise known as a 4min makeover. I just had one on July 25th. For someone like me I gotta keep it short. Why? CAUSE I’m LOSING IT.  I’m LOSING IT DAMIT! My hair and my mind.

Legally Blonde with Reeses Witherspoons is on TV and it gives me goose bumps, it’s a powerful movie. I get emotional every time I see it, I stand up and cheer and yell “YOU GO GIRL in PINK”!!

See, I told ya I need sleep…



And oh, a better life.

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