Cool off Cool Off

I’ve been so caught up with things, I have not had time to use my noisy- almost -dead elliptical trainer, so because of this tragedy my ass is becoming flat and it’s not as plump and rounded. I have lost more weight ever since I’ve cut out hummus from my diet, it’s quite popular among Vegetarians. But I’ve lost a lot of weight because of this little change that I can practically do myself in more ways than one, just like an orgy but alone. Anyway, borrring! Maybe I’ll post a video of this when Hallowe’en comes around, just in time to scare the hell out of people.

I was thinking of joining the gym again and workiing out (cardio) on real exercise equipment, but I’m weird that way, I will exercise more often when it’s convenient, for example in my own apartment. Traveling to and from the gym is too time consuming and a chore. And I think I was traumatized the last time I was at a gym. I walked into the men’s change room and witnessed something no person needs to see with their bare eyes. A guy squatting over the blowdryer drying his genitals and ass. Um, Hello!  PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU!! and EW. I am sure if the guy was a bit attractive I wouldn’t be complaining. It’s like the Kelly Ripa comment towards Clay Aiken, “Eww, I don’t know where your hands have been”, when he placed his hand over her mouth while co-hosting that morning show which is long overdue for cancellation.  Anyway, I am sure if it were Brad Pitt’s hand she would of licked it, weather he just scratched his ass or not.

I was playing around and being all risky like usual with my website this weekend and because I can be a dunce on a lot of occasions, which is dependent on and not limited to the rapid  thoughts racing through my mind that blocks my concentration, anyway too scientific for the average reader but I accidentally erased the Music Files section on my site, and I can’t recover it. Perhaps, it was meant to happened.  I believe that. And I don’t. That things are meant to happened. I had a conversation with a so called friend the other day we spoke breifly about the tragedy and horrific ordeal that happened on the greyhound bus in Edmonton and I couldn’t believe what she told me, i couldn’t’ believe the crap that was spewing from her mouth. She believes we attract things into our lives, like as in the law of attraction. Yes, you dumbtwat (don’t use that word, I’ve copyrighted it) people wish upond themselves and want to be stabbed in the neck and have their head chopped off, innocent little children want to be abused, animals want to be eaten, people want to die from disease, people want to be victims of violent crime etc, we attract that and this is how life evolves. I said to her that she won’t be believing that if something bad were to happened to her, and Yo, you HO, look at your watch, it’s time to take your head out of your ass and slap that empty arrogant head of yours. i

Ok, I’ve got to say something that’s very dear to me..COUGH… There is nothing less important to me than what I wear on a night out, perhaps for some bland crepes. My ideal 4 piece suit for a night out in town is me in a hot fitted t-shirt *just tight enough for the hard nipples to pop ( I glanced at myself in the mirror while in my elevators and I noticed that) a t-shirt with a smart ass quote is so geeky but hot, shorts, and sandles. You can call it all you want, but dressing this way is me. I feel myself, I feel liberated and it’s my personality. As long as I don’t look like a slob, I don’t smell (well I do, but it’s Georgio Armani kinda smell) and the clothes are pressed and cleaned and I smell like a garden that’s bursting in life, that’s all that matters. So the whole thing about wear pants and a nice dress shirt in the summer time, IS NOT ME.

Actually, back in the days when  I used to binge drink and party every other night, I was really overweight. When I partied I was able to polish an entire 1.4 litre of vodka from 9pm to 5am on my own and in result I was bedridden for 2 days recovering from the hangover,  I ordered in fast food and pigged out like there was no tomorrow.  I was able to eat a family dinner on my own.and because of that my weight went up and down like a YoYo which is very unhealthy,  I always hid my body by wearing layers of clothing even in scorching hot weather.

Those days are long gone. And I don’t miss one second of it. Actually while in ‘rehab’ it was the first time in 6 years that I woke up on the weekends without a hangover.  I say weekends because majority of the time that’s when i partied. So it was a refreshing experience. And that’s why conditional therapy works for a lot of people. When you’re in a strict setting for a lengthy period of time (unlike most 20 day rehab programs it accomplished absolutely nothing) you cannot stop drinking/drugs in a month, it’s impossible. Therapy involves sweat, blood and tears. What I mean by blood, is that you have to be willing to feel  and deal with the pain and hurt that led you into the spiral of self destruction. Wow, look at that I had a brilliant moment for a mere, I am brilliant a lot of the times, I’ve slipped 3 times, I was obviosuly not in the right state of mind.

Oh yea, I was gonna comment on ‘Big Brother 10’. What’s with the un proportionate egotistical dude with the muscular body, tiny head and no brains? There is a reason he’s a ‘body builder’ and like with most men in this category,where the gym is their second home, they suffer from something called ‘Low IQ, Small Dick Syndrome’ and it’s to compensate the many deficiencies that most of these people suffer from. It reminds me of those  men who want me to look their way as if they expect me to droll or perhaps melt over their bodies,  I give them the “You’re joking, right?” look.

.Listen up! Mr.Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever, PUPPIES and BABIES make me melt, not something that means absolutely nothing to me. Now, if you got the brians, the touch, the class, and some other talent than lifting weights, we got something going on here and we have something to work on. Otherwise, keep drolling to your own reflection, because I am certainly not.

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