Joeylicious and Nutritious and Da’ Funky

Well, I was overly excited like always when something new comes along. Most of the upgrades I was referring to on my website are mainly behind the scenes stuff, better functionality and it’s user friendly. I was expecting more. Well, I have high expectations perhaps. I was hoping for  more sophisticated and not a pile of boxes as you have noticed. I like the black theme because it works well with the logo and then I don’t like it because I find it too dark and intense. I like bright pastel colours which in my opinion are inspirational.

I think I’m suffering from some memory loss disorder, don’t know what though, in addition to the other self diagnosed mental handicaps. I woke  up today and with my eyes half open I was thinking it was Monday and said to myself damn the weekend went by quick and seconds later I realized it was Sunday and said to myself, what a nutcase, and had some shut eye for a few more minutes. Another example, I used to be able to spell simple words. See what happens if you abuse your body, it creeps up on you later in life. I eat extremely healthy, obviously it doesn’t cure the damage that has already been done.

Its blueberry week!!!. I’m gonna somehow go shopping with a mack truck and a hot truck driver, but with my luck it will be a butch lesbo, and I am going to buy all of the fresh blueberries from Dominion,  they’re on sale this week, 3 -554ml of fresh blueberries are just $5 dolla!. Don’t mind me, I get overly excited when fruit is on sale, I’m so excited I just had an orgasm.  That’s 2 cups of blueberries, ya’ll!!!  I’m gonna take those luscious mouth watering dripping blueberries home and one by one just like if I were handpicking them from the big bushes on some glorious farm and place the blueberries very carefully in baby blue with a hint of green color daisies and mint green with a dash of yellow leaf border printed freezer bags just like Martha Stewart!! And wait til they’re nice and hard. (Get your mind out of the gutter).

Guess what I’m gonna do next? That’s right!!!  I am gonna pour those berries into the barrel  (cause I got a couple barrels just laying around)  pump up some polka music jump into the barrel and dance on the blueberries to squirt the juice out. Next I will make some fancy shancy extra special  thickened blueberry juice and I am gonna kick it up a notch by adding tulips and rose hips I took from the bitchy neighbour’s garden…….. Martha Stewart just had an orgasm and fainted.

In other news..last Friday night it was my 33rd birthday (here on in I’m counting backwards) and my friend and I went strolling on the Danforth, which is otherwise known as ‘Greektown’,. There were a lot of hotties  (unfortunately they were checking out my female friend) and noticed a lot hot cars parked on the street as the restaurants were busy with people enjoying their night.  We then went to Chruch St briefl..yes you are right I was there!! A place I’ve not been to in years. How quickly I’ve aged, the clubs/bar scene doesn’t interest me one bit anymore, it’s like painfully going to the library. You see, I used to be a wild child, go nuts and act all psychodelic. Now,  I am a nerd these days that lives in a shoebox with 5 lamps.. Anyway, we had desert on the Danforth and I promised to indulge since it was my birthday. So I ordered  a bland tasting desert called ‘ plain crepes ‘which I hardly finished.  I dont’ like sweets too much except for good dark chocolate. I like everything DELICIOUS, when my tongue tingles I know I’m satisfied.

And then we posed for the camera, click click,  and took a few pictures of us, we looked like tourists. None of the pictures that I was in turned out any good. For some reason I either appeared deformed, out of this world, or alien like, well in my opinion, but we only see what our eyes wants us to see. I only sent my friend the pictures we took of her alone. But she has some of us on her camera. When it comes to pictures I’m very picky and I am referring to how I look in them. Some times I slip and I will post unflattering pics of me, but  I could take 50 photos and out of the 50 I would end up picking only 2 photos that I like. Oh well. YEA YEA, I bitch and complain far too much. And I think I know what I need. It is a bit of this ____and a bit of _____and some______with____ YA BABY!!.

I can’t believe it is already July 27th, and in within 1 hour July 28th. Time flies and I’m wasting time. I AM 33 for DAMN SAKE!!! I was 26 yesterday!!! What happened all these years? A bit chunk of it GONE. Poof! Gone!

You know, we all got some issues and we need tissues for those issues. Some more than others. I just think too much that’s all.  And I might have a baby soon, my own baby. And I’m gonna be on a show soon.

Anyway, enjoy the geometric squares I’ve no idea why they look like that. I just need to play some more or change it altogether. I am not a fuckin SQUARE!!!  Perhaps, I just need to think outside of the box..

See…things are there and we just don’t know it until we digest it. See what blogging does? The squares resemble something that is going on my life. I need to step outside the box.

Agh, I want an orgy, just like in the 1970’s. It was Funkytown everywhere, daisies on the wall, gold colored wallpaper was in fashion, everyone had orange colored furniture then they realized it was so damn ugly it’s now the color of prison wear, brown carpets, NO ONE SHAVED and everyone was push’n push’n in the bush’n! 

Shnizzel my phrizzel, u fizzle. (copyright).

P.S. AND NO I did not type this blog out on drugs. I don’t do drugs. I am naturally COO COO, as in One flew over the coocoo’s nest.

Ok I lie, sometimes when needed I do a  tylenol, and that’s rare only when I feel ditzy.

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