We’ll do it all


On Our Own

We   don’t  Need




If I lay here

                                If I ljust lay here

                  Would you lie    with     me    and

                                                         forget    the world?

I don’t        

                           quite    know

How   to   say

                           How    I  feel

Those   three    words

                                            are   said too much

                                                                                        They’re not enough

Forget the world


                       Before we’re too old

Show   me  a garden

                                       that’s bursting

                                                         into life

                                                Let’s waste time

                                      chasing cars

                    around our heads


                                     I   need your grace

                                                            to remind me

                                                                           to   find my own

                                                         If I lay here

                           If I just lay here

Would you,

                           would you

                                       lie with me and forget

                                                                               forget the World

                                    Forget what we’re told

                         Before we get too old

                                                      Show me a garden

                                                                                       that’s bursting into life

                                                                             All that I am

                                                           All that I ever was

                                                        Is here

                                   in your perfect eyes,

                                             they’re all I can see

                                                                         I don’t know where

                        Confused about how as well

                          Just know these things will never

                                                                              change for me

                                                                       at all

                           If I lay here

                      would you

                                             Just would you

                                                                                lie   with me



                                            forget   the world


You may of probaly realized, these are lyrics from the song ‘Chasing Cars’, performed by ‘Snow Patrol’. Like many songs, this song was written for me, well, I just think that..lol..

When I post lyrics it’s because I’m feeling that song at the given moment.

 “Music is the soundtrack of our lives”.

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