I don’t check every single detail on my site and a lot of times things are brought to my attention. So I have choosen to remove the blogs until there is a resolution to a glitch that they’re not wanting to admit and if not, a brand new blog section will  be created as if it were new and anything dated before July 18 will be unpublished. Until then, a temporary new blog section will be posted.

I hope the new platform is as amazing as the claim because this simple crap is pissing me off.

YES I AM IN A BITCHY MOOD TODAY! Well I should say yesterday since it’s 1am and a new day.

But you never know, I might be bitchy again today as well!!

Stressed? I think so. I deal with dumbtwats everyday, so stupid they don’t know how to turn on a fregin light switch. Maybe cause there’s no swtich to turn on.

Alex, I’ll take new life for $1 Please.

I wanna escape to some far away place on a remote island with a few dogs and be happy and free. You see my hair? or the lack of? HELLO! 

 Why do you think everyone had bushy full hair (in more places than one) in the 70’s? Because the world was not as stressful as it is today. Everyone was sexing it up, the song ‘Push Push in the Bush’ was a hit, neighbours doing neighbours (talk about convenient), it was flowerpower.

Brown and orange colored everything was in fashion. Now, orange color is the thing of the past except if you’re in jail.

Oh by the way, Meryl Streep is the real deal cause if I were an actor I would die to be in a movie with someone as gifted as she is. And no I am not running to see ‘Mamma Mia’. I’m not that gay.

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