Road rage death

I have troubles understanding road rage, people carry so much anger on the roads that they rather die than mind their own business . If you cannot drive along the roads with people who will drive their way, like those using a cell phone or whatever it is that pisses people off, than you shouldn’t be driving. This is insane! So juvenile.
I had someone do that to me last year, I was on my cellphone driving at normal speed in traffic and some retard wanted to mess with me because I forgot that he owned the fregin road. Hewas driving behind me and then purposely drove in front of me slowed his car hoping that I bump into and
crash into his sorry ass car.The lunatic went out of his way thinking he could piss me off, but I turned the table and pissed him off alright by doing one easy thing, I didn’t give him the time or day and because I didn’t stoop to his level he eventually drove away, at the end of all that I was the real man. Road rage loonies want reaction, you gotta ignore that and they’ll drive away into their sad world. So many other important things to worry about than risking your life on the street because of an asshole. I have been taugh inmy early years
toignore assholes,  and that’s the most smartest and manly thing to do, it’s just not worth the time nor energy.
Jul 09, 2008 05:37 PM


MILTON–The family of a man killed in an alleged road rage incident made a tearful plea today for aggressive drivers to stop acting irrationally behind the wheel.

Tony Greco, a 55-year-old married father of three, was killed instantly when he was ejected from his SUV just after 5 a.m. yesterday on a stretch of Canada’s busiest highway.

Wayne Winsor, 39, is alleged to have slammed on the brakes after pulling in front of Greco on Highway 401, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash just west of Toronto.

Greco’s family, grief stricken as they arrived at a Milton court for Winsor’s bail hearing, were further anguished when he was released.

Greco’s sister-in-law, Gina Mancini, said the family “wants this rage stopped.”

“Please, it has to stop. We have children on the roads every day, there is absolutely no need for this,” she said through tears.

“If justice is (done) the law will do the right thing for Tony Greco.”

The family has had to deal with five deaths in the past 13 months and can’t believe they’ve lost Tony in such a senseless way, said brother-in-law Gerry Mancini.

“The worst part of this all taking place is it could have been avoided,” he said.

Inside the court, Winsor looked sullen and slouched in his seat as he was granted bail.

A publication ban prevents the media from reporting on any evidence in the case.

Winsor left the courthouse through a side door.

Although the Crown called it a tragic case with high stakes they agreed to grant Winsor bail, noting he didn’t have a criminal record.

But Crown attorney Brian O’Mara emphasized that Winsor faces serious charges: criminal negligence causing death, dangerous driving causing death and failing to remain at the scene of an accident causing death.

“The charges laid are among the most serious offences you can commit while driving a motor vehicle,” O’Mara said outside court.

“These are driving offences that involve a fatality so obviously the stakes are very high in terms of sentence.”

Someone convicted of criminal negligence causing death faces a possible life sentence.

Under his bail conditions, Winsor must live with his mother and he cannot drive or even sit in the driver’s seat of a car.

Winsor, who turned himself in to police several hours after the incident, is scheduled to appear again in court on July 30.

Police were still canvassing for witnesses early today at the scene of the crash and said they collected more evidence from drivers who saw the incident.

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