Deportation of a bisexual.

Deport her ass out of here. It’s often we hear stories like this where people look for a loophole in Immigration while there are legit people who are in line to immigrate to Canada. It’s when people like this who use that same torture excuse and looks for sympathy from the public. It’s like going to the grocery store that has a mile long line up at the cashier and some person skips everyone in the line and says "Sorry, I’m special and I got a chicken in the oven", that’s nice, get in line like everyone else!!


About 25 supporters of a Nigerian woman rallied outside Toronto’s federal Immigration and Citizenship offices yesterday to protest a looming deportation order.

The supporters, carrying signs that proclaimed “Homosexuality is a societal taboo in Nigeria. Punishable by Death or Imprisonment,” called on the government to stop Jane Okojie’s deportation until the federal court hears arguments on her case.

Okojie, who says she is bisexual, came to Canada in 2003 with her son Samuel, who is now 12. She also has an 18-month-old daughter, Marvisd, who was born in Canada.

The 37-year-old woman fled her homeland after she says she was beaten and tortured because of her sexual orientation.

According to Okojie, federal officials here have rejected her claim to stay in Canada because they don’t believe she is bisexual.

She has been ordered deported tomorrow.

Yesterday, Okojie told supporters she genuinely fears what will happen to her if she returns to Nigeria, where homosexuality is a crime. At best, she said, she will be put in jail. At worst, she fears she will be stoned to death.

Being in Canada means a lot to Okojie. “It feels like home here,” she said. “I’m proud to be here. I feel welcome here. In Canada you can raise up your head and be a free person. Once you’re caught in Nigeria, you’ll be stoned to death or face life imprisonment.”

Her legal counsel is hoping to ask the federal court to stay the deportation at least until her pre-removal risk assessment and her application on humanitarian and compassionate grounds can be reviewed in federal court, she said.

Both her children also are in danger if they return to Nigeria, she said, because they were born out of wedlock. She said her daughter faces the possibility of genital circumcision.

Okojie’s case is just one example of how the Canadian immigration system fails people on a daily basis, said Macdonald Scott, an immigration consultant.

“If she is sent to Nigeria she will be prosecuted, jailed and even possibly stoned to death,” said Pastor Joseph Akomen of Scarborough Spoken Word Christian Fellowship.

“We’re pleading with all Canadians to rally around Jane.”


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