U.S. deserter Wins Appeal

At the time, American’s chose to join the war to fight for their country but they were misled, only to flee to Canada to seek asylum. Even though soldiers were not drafted, they’re deceived to by their own country. And if Canada can save these soldiers from being prosecuted and sent to jail because of it, Canada should welcome them with open arms .  These soldiers are victims of deception and by their own people, their country and their government. They went to fight for their country only to learn that there’s no weapons of mass destruction.  The only person who should be prosecuted and the real enemy is Bush.
Stop this so called war crap, stop killing innocent lives and stop wasting billions of dollars on BULLSHIT! 
The billions of dollars wasted, it could of been of been spent on building a health care system. 
The U.S. has not been in such poor shape in decades. Thanx all to Bubba Bush.
Jul 04, 2008 01:54 PM


The Federal Court has ordered Canada’s refugee board to take another look at an American deserter’s failed refugee claim.

In a ruling issued today, the court found the board had made a mistake in turning down Joshua Key’s bid for asylum.

The court found that a someone who refuses to take part in military action which "systematically degrades, abuses or humiliates" combatants or non-combatants might qualify as a refugee.

The court also found that the board should hear evidence on whether deserters like Key can rely on the American government to treat them fairly.

Key served as a combat engineer for eight months in Iraq 2003, where he says he was involved in, or witnessed soldiers, committing savage acts against civilians.

While on leave in November 2003, the deeply troubled Oklahoman father of four decided he could not return to Iraq and fled to Canada.

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