Man gets 11 years for karaoke bar shooting.

Man gets 11 years for karaoke bar shooting
The victim is alive today, he was shot 6 times, in in the face, neck, chest and buttocks!!!! And is still alive!! Talk about a miracle.

Jun 27, 2008 05:26 PM

Courts Bureau

A Toronto man has been sentenced to 11 years in jail for the 2005 shooting of a man in a karaoke bar.

It all started over a minor insult that led to an argument, humiliating Doa Trong Nguyen in front of his girlfriend.

Twelve hours later, Nguyen walked into a Dundas St. W. karaoke bar and shot Sanh Duong at close range as he sat eating with his wife and seven friends.

Duong took at least six bullets in the face, neck, chest and buttocks in the Oct. 9, 2005 shooting.

"It’s remarkable he didn’t die," said Ontario Superior Court Justice Alison Harvison Young.

Today the judge sentenced Nguyen, 38, to 11 years in prison for attempted murder with a firearm and several weapons offences.

The sentence was jointly recommended by prosecutor Ed Stimec and defence lawyer Kim Schofield.

Duong has suffered lasting physical and psychological effects from the shooting, the judge said. He has depression, anxiety and sleeping problems, and his family is haunted by his near-death.

But Nguyen has shown no remorse, Harvison Young added.

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