Conventional Wisdom on a Successful Diet

A lot of us try our hardest to lose the extra pounds we carry. I’ve been on all sorts of diets, including the ‘Atkins Diet’ a few years ago and I ballooned and gained tons of weight while others lost weight, not all diets are suited for everyone. Now I am on the”‘Joey Diet’, a Vegetarian Diet without breads, sweets etc (except for a small dose of really dark chocolate), and salad/fruits. But what I’ve learned is that some of us are meant to carry the extra 10-20 lbs because that’s the way we were born.  A big sigh of relief, but it doesn’t give us permission to pig out on our favourite fatty foods though.

The field of weight loss is like the ancient fable about the blind men and the elephant. Each man investigates a different part of the animal and reports back, only to discover their findings are baffingly incompatiable.

The various findings by public-health experts, physicans, psychologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, and nutritionists are about as similiar as an elephant’s tusk is to its tail. What I’ve learned as I tend to read a lot of facts than fiction, some say obesity is largely predetermined by our genes and biology; others attribute it to an overabundance of fries, soda, and screen -sucking; still other thing we’re fat because of viral infection, insulin, or the metabolic conditions we encountered in the womb. Everyone subscribes to their own little theory. 

It’s obvious that a consensus is emerging that the conventional wisdom-eat less, exercise more-is inadequate at best.  The old equation-calories in minus calories out equals weight change- is fundamentally flawed. The latest research shows that not every calorie is created equal, and different bodies use calories in different ways. We’re programmed to hold onto the fat we have, and some people are predisposed to create and carry more fat than others..HELLO….I am one of those who is 10-20lbs over weight. No matter how much exercise I do and eat extremely healthy, I was born to have some meat around my waist. And we have to learn to accept what god gave us. I am not even going there when I saw the back of my head when I looked into a mirror behind me. It’s aging. And it’s about accepting the fact it’s in our genes if we carry a few extra pounds or if we have a receding hair line or both.

Diet and exercise help, but in the end the solution will inevitably be more complicated than pushing away the plate and going for a walk, it’s not as simple as “You’re fat because you’re lazy” Willpower is not prerogative of thin people. It’s distributed equally.

There is so many claim out there for the miracle weight loss..”take this pill and your fat will melt away”, then every doctor out there, the “Dr. Who Diet”, “the SlimMeNow Diet”, “the green eggs and ham diet”, and you get my drift.  Until then, its up to us, one paunchy individual at a time, to shed our extra flab.  It’s easier said than done, especially since we may have been doing it wrong all this time.  Here’s more about the newest, most unexpected findings from the front lines of diet research may yet help tip the scales in your favor.

Like many I’ve tried to lose weight, be it 5 pounds or 50 (back then when I drank alcohol and pigged out the day after), I don’t need to be told the human body resists weight change. We’re each born with a predetermined set point and a weight range that typically spans about 10 to 20 lbs and the further I push (and I am sure many can relate) my weight away from it, the more the body fights it’s way back. Hence the yo-yo affect: You diet and lose weight, only to gain it all back once you stop your diet. It isn’t lack of willpower, it’s evolution.

Well, what I’ve learned is that it’s in our DNA.  How the body maintains it’s regulatory mechanism may be largely under the influence of genes. According to sime researchers, 70% of variation in people’s weight may come from defects on genes, and more of those genes act on a common hunger-satiety pathway in the ‘hypothelamus’.  As many of us try to look like that person in the magazine, the reality is we’re not all meant to be that way. Not everyone can lose 66 lbs and not everyone needs to. The goal shouldn’t be getting thin, but getting healthy. In my previous post I mentioned that after I stripped naked, doctor told me I could lose and I didn’t take it personal at all because I  I begged to differ and told her I think more like 20lbs.  I requested to have every blood test possible and 4 virals of blood later, the results came back and I’m all good, thankfully she did recommend to get HEP B vaccine tho which isn’t free in Canada unless I go to the Hassle Free Clinic in downtown Toronto. Anyway, It’s more paranoia than anything, I used to have an addiction problem so I wanted to make sure nothing is creeping on me without realizing, the worst cancers don’t give any warning signs until the later stages. It happened to my uncle and he died from cancer (I highly believe he could of avoided it, his lifestyle and choices were the major factors, he smoked and never wore a face mask at work- inhaling highly toxic fumes all day). Better to be paranoid than careless.

It’s all about how you take on life. Lately I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because I am excellent at putting myself down, my worst enemy is myself, I constantly beat myself up. But while I do all this, thankfully I deal with my demons without substances, unlike the past where I drank myself to hell.

Getting back to the weight problem, did you know that negotiation between your genes and the environment begins on day one? Your optimal weight, writ by genes, appears to be edited early on by conditions even before birth, inside the womb.  If a woman has high blood-sugar levels while she’s pregnant, her children are more likely to be overweight or obese, according to a study of almost 100,000 mother-child pairs.

Maternal diabetes may influence a child’s obesity risk though a process called metabolic imprinting. The mother’s high blood sugar may mean the baby in the womb gets overfed, possbily preprogramming it for obesity. Even mothers whose blood sugar was at the upper end of the normal range had evalated risks of having overweight babies.

So this implication is clear: Weight may be established very early on and obesity largely passed from mother to child. Numerous studies in both animals in humans have shown that a mother’s obesity directly increases her child’s risk for weight gain. So for the moms-to-be: Get fit before you get pregnant.

So here are are the secrets of the Big Losers;

There’s no question that losing weight is hard and keeping it off even harder. But it’s not impossible.

  • MAKE RADICAL CHANGES  People think making moderate dietary changes are easier to stick with. But as with quitting drug addiction, drastic changes are actually easier. “We don’t tell heroin addicts if you stay clean all week, you can reward yourself by shooting up a small amount on the weekend”. Sugar derails glucose metabolism in a similiar way, so cutting out sugars, refined foods, simple carbohydrates, and trans fats.
  • REPROGRAM YOUR BRAIN Losing weight means deveolping new eating habits- like reaching for an orange instead of an oreo. The hardest part is the 1st 72 hours, when eating right is an act of will. After two or three weeks of sticking to it, your hunger and cravings subside, and control over eating choices becomes more automatic. Viola, your brain is rewired.
  • EAT BREAKFAST  I never had this problem, I need breakfast to function, just like how I put my seatbelt on before I start the car. Good habits. Without breakfast, your body plunges into starvation mode, slowing your metabolism and tempting you to binge later. Over 78% of those who successfully lose weight, eat breakfast everyday.
  • EXERCISE LIKE YOU MEAN IT  An evening walk every other day isn’t going to cut it. %90 of those who lost weight exercised for a full hour, on average most days of the week. This is what I need to work on.
  • STRETCH YOUR MIND  Stop living on autopilot. A study shows that people who push their comfort zones and try new things, like reading a different magazine or listening to a new radio station lose wright and keep it off. Breaking out of your routine may make you more aware of your choices in general, and less likely to engage in mindless eating.



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