PC or Mac?

I am fed up with PC and Windows and I think Microsoft should be sued for all the troubles I’ve been experiencing with the crappy new system. WindowsXP was 10x more stable and reliable. Why fix something when it doesn’t have to fixed?? People I’ve spoken to who made the switch from PC to Mac said they’ll never go back to PC.

Which is Better?

The question of which is better (Mac or PC) is tricky. On the one hand, one machine might be better for some tasks, while the other is better for others. One might be more stable and more reliable, while the other is more prevalent and widespread. So, the question of Mac vs. PC is twofold — we’ll let you know which is a better machine and which you should buy.


Hardware doesn’t get much attention during the typical “Mac vs. PC” debate. But truth be told, the Mac hardware itself is designed in such a way that any user can easily make internal upgrades. The Mac Pro has plug-and-play hard drive slots, and the RAM is easily accessed and upgraded. This is not so on a PC. Most desktop PCs are packed so tightly, that you’d have to remove several components just to get to the RAM. Mac hardware feels cleaner, stronger and more efficient.

While Mac OS X is simpler to use than Windows Vista, the huge amount of software available for Windows clearly puts PC ahead in this category. The availability of Mac software is miniscule in comparison. Chances are the latest hot PC game is not available on the Mac. And most of the programs you already know are probably only available on the PC. However, you can use virtual software on your Mac that will allow you to install a Windows partition (and all your PC software).


The Mac desktops and laptops are things of beauty. The new iMac looks like something from a science-fiction movie. Along with the super-thin MacBook Air, the Macs are the fashion models of the computer industry. They sure beat the clunky laptops and beige desktop PCs you’re used to. But the PC world is not without its supermodels. The new line of HP Voodoo high-performance gaming machines and HP Pavilion Slimline desktops are improving the image of PCs everywhere.

User Base

The greatest advantage PCs have over Macs is their marketplace dominance. Currently, over 90% of computer users are using Windows-based machines, while less than 8% use Macs. This explains the huge discrepancy in software availability. Software makers spend their time designing for the PC, because that’s where the audience is. However, Mac specializes in professional graphic software (like the Adobe suite and Final Cut Studio).


If you upgrade your computer every four or five years, PCs will cost you less to maintain.  Microsoft releases a new version of Windows every seven years or so, while a new version of Mac OS X comes out about every year.  Also, Microsoft has (maybe to a fault) made each new Windows platform compatible with all the previous ones, whereas Mac updates have less hindsight.  With Mac’s recent switch to Intel processors, they seem less inclined to support the older hardware.


Macs are clearly more expensive than PCs. An inexpensive PC laptop costs around $600. The cheapest MacBook will run you $1,200. Software costs are about the same for both platforms. To have the latest versions of the OS, you’ll pay a lot more with Macs, than with PCs. Because of their marketplace dominance and cheaper materials, PCs can afford to keep their prices low.

And the Winner is…

You should buy a PC, if you already own a lot of PC software that you want to continue using. If you work from home, get whatever you use in the office, as this will make transitioning between the two easier. If you want to do artistic work on your computer (photography, video editing, graphic design), you’ll find Macs much more intuitive. If money is not an issue, go with a Mac. You can always use VMware Fusion or Parallels to install a Windows partition on your Mac.

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