Paul Bernardo claims he’s cured, no longer a psychopath

After spending 15 years in jail, Paul Bernardo said he is cured and no longer a psychopath like the media portrays him to be, and will be seeking parole in 2010 under the ‘faint-hope clause’. He said he’s not a psychopath and cares for people because he cried during 9/11 and Columbine.

The Ontario government said they’ll fight any parole attempt even though he’s classified a dangerous offender (incarcerated indefinitely), but I don’t think the government has any battles, the parole board will just look at the loonyboon and say "You’re kidding, right? the only way you’ll be let out is you in your casket." But again, the way the justice system works in Canada, it will probably won’t surprise me, his co-convicted Karla Homolka is out of prison and having a lovely time on some tropical island only after serving just 10 years for 2 murders, that’s all just 2 murders, no biggie.

People serve more time in jail for Frauds.


Jun 22, 2008 04:30 AM

Paul Bernardo is deluding himself and others by suggesting he is a reformed psychopath who would never rape or kill again, said the lawyer for his victims’ families, adding that Bernardo could never muster the medical evidence to support his outrageous claims.

"I think the general public should feel comfortable in the fact that Paul Bernardo will never ever be paroled," lawyer Tim Danson said yesterday in an interview.

Bernardo’s comments from a 2006 jailhouse police interview appeared in newspapers yesterday, including the Star, after the transcript was filed with the Ontario Court of Appeal in connection with an application by Anthony Hanemaayer of London, Ont. Hanemaayer is asking to be exonerated in a 1989 sex attack after being told by the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted that Bernardo confessed to it.

In the police interview, Bernardo said he plans to apply for parole in 2010 under the so-called faint-hope clause, after serving 15 years for the murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

The Ontario government has said it would fight any such attempt.

But Bernardo, imprisoned since 1995, said he thinks he would make a good parole candidate. In the interview, he said he used sex as a means of control to compensate for his deep-seated insecurities, but that he has since changed.

"I used sex as a vice. Now, I work out. I wake up every day knowing I’m not psychopathic. I care about people. I cried during 9/11. I cried during Columbine," Bernardo said in the police interview at Kingston penitentiary, where he is being held in solitary confinement.

Danson, the lawyer for the Frenches and the Mahaffys, said yesterday: "Anybody who is trained in the area understands that this is a psychopath at his best, trying to manipulate the system and do it in a way that appears to be cocky and confident.

"That’s what makes psychopaths so dangerous, because generally they’re very smart and they can be endearing, but there’s an evilness that penetrates so deep that in the medical world that is recognizable."

Danson said he would be very surprised if Bernardo could medically prove he no longer harbours psychopathic tendencies and presents no threat to public safety.

Another factor leading Danson to believe Bernardo will never earn his freedom back is the fact that Bernardo was designated a dangerous offender, which allows someone to be jailed indefinitely.

"It’s my legal opinion that before he’s entitled to apply under the faint-hope clause, he has to deal with his dangerous offender designation," Danson said.

He said he believes as a dangerous offender, Bernardo would not be able to apply for parole. And even in the highly unlikely event that the parole board reconsiders the dangerous offender designation, Danson said it’s his opinion that no jury would ever okay his application under the faint-hope clause.

"Once a psychopath, always a psychopath."


The Canadian Press

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