New Hollywood Walks of Fame

When I first visited Hollywood and I saw names engraved in the ground I didn’t find it too thrilling. But apparently it means something in Hollywood. I don’t know about you, but the only time I want a stone in the ground is at my I don’t like to be walked on, thanx.

Robert Downey Jr is long overdue, should of had one a long time ago. Cameron Diaz??? She acts? Til this day Madonna still does not have one.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Cartoon character Tinkerbell, singer Shakira and "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. and actress Cameron Diaz were among a diverse group of 25 stars named on Thursday to join the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said the celebrities will each get their star on its Walk of Fame next year, but the dates have not been announced.

The Walk of Fame is a stretch of sidewalk lining either side of Hollywood Boulevard on which celebrities in music, movies, television and other entertainment arenas have their names emblazoned in brass set into large, pink terrazzo stars.

For celebrities, a star can be a memorial that lasts for decades, and millions of tourists who visit downtown Hollywood annually get to see the names, talk about their favorite actors and actresses and take pictures near the stars.

A committee of the Chamber of Commerce chose the 25 stars from among hundreds of nominations.

Others on the list include director Tim Burton, and actors Sir Ben Kingsley, William H. Macy and Hugh Jackman. Among the television stars are Macy’s wife, Felicity Huffman, producer Mark Burnett and music stars include Kenny "Baby Face" Edmonds and disco-era band The Village People.

Some facts about the Walk (courtesy of Wikipedia)…

  • Gene Autry is the first and only person to have been honored with all five possible stars, for his contribution in each of the five categories.
  • Diana Ross is one of only a handful of celebrities to have two stars in the same category, one as a member of The Supremes and one as a solo artist. Michael Jackson was the first to achieve this, through his solo career and as a member of The Jackson Five.
  • In 2002, the Walk of Fame broke tradition with Muhammad Ali’s star. His star is displayed on a wall of the Kodak Theatre.
  • In 1960 Jimmy Boyd became the youngest singer to receive a star on the Walk Of Fame at only 20 years old. In 2003, Britney Spears became the second youngest singer to receive a star on the Walk of Fame at only 21 years old. Coincidentally, both were born in McComb Mississippi forty years apart. Spears tied with former Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert for being the second youngest person to accept a Walk of Fame star.
  • In 2005, companies became eligible for Walk-of-Fame-type stars; the first recipient was Disneyland, in honor of its 50th anniversary. Company awards are on private property near the Walk, and not part of the Walk itself. Companies must have a strong Hollywood presence and be at least fifty years old to qualify for this award.
  • In February of 2006, Judith Sheindlin (better known as Judge Judy) became the first (and so far only) television judge to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • On January 24, 2007, Los Angeles television station and CW network affiliate KTLA-TV (Channel 5) became the first television service (station or network) to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame. The picture on KTLA’s star shows a satellite dish, denoting a television broadcast station.
  • On November 18, 1978, in honor of his 50th anniversary, Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star is located on 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
  • On March 14, 2008, Vince McMahon got his own star. He is the first professional wrestling promoter or anyone from sports entertainment to receive a star.

    In order for a person to get a star on the Walk of Fame, he or she must agree to attend a presentation ceremony within five years of selection, and a $25,000 fee must be paid to the Trust for costs such as security at the star ceremony; a 2003 FOX News story noted that the fee is typically paid by sponsors such as film studios and record companies, as part of the p
    for a release with which the honoree is involved. On other occasions, the fee is paid by a fan club or the nominating person or organizationella.

    Controversy and mystery surrounds the way the stars are nominated and approved, as discussed in a 2001 ABC News story that interviewed honorary Hollywood mayor, the late Johnny Grant, who died on January 9, 2008.

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