Can your blood type help predict your health?

Do you know your blood type? Honestly, I’m not sure I know mine, either. Save for a situation when a person would be giving or in need of receiving blood, is it really that important to know? According to an article that appears in the current issue of Men’s Health, it’s extremely important.

The article first breaks down, in diagram form, what percentage of men have what particular blood type. According to the chart, 45 percent are Type O (with 38 percent being Type O Positive and seven percent being Type O Negative); 40 percent are Type A (with 34 percent being Type A Positive and six percent being Type A Negative); 11 percent are Type B (with nine percent being Type B Positive and two percent being Type B Negative); and four percent of men are Type AB (with three percent being Type AB Positive and one percent being Type AB Negative).

The piece then proceeds to explain some health facts associated with each specific blood type. According to what is listed, men who are …

Type O face an increased risk of lung cancer if they use a lot of salt and alcohol, say Danish researchers;Type A are up to 40 percent more likely to develop gastric cancer, according to a Chinese study;

Type B face the fewest known blood type-specific risks overall, which may explain why their blood type is the most common among centenarians; and,

Type AB make great donor recipients, since they can receive all blood types

I don’t know about you, but after reading this information, I suddenly felt the urge to find out where I fall in these different blood type risk pools.

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