Another proven fact on caffeine

Lately in the news all sorts of studies about coffee and how it’s a wonderdrug.  If you’re gonna up your doses of coffee make sure you taken in extra calcuim because coffee has a anegative affect on your bones, strips the calcuim away. If you have anxiety issues, stay away,  and if you’re diabetic stay away it can affect your blood sugar level if you drink too much coffee/caffeine.


Using Caffeine to Lose Weight

It has been proven that caffeine can help you lose weight.

Caffeine, a member of the methylxanthines family, is naturally present in coffee beans, cocoa and tea leaves, and is known to be a stimulant. reports that studies have proven consuming caffeine can help promote weight loss and help with weight maintenance. 

Some nutritionists are even recommending that their clients increase their use of caffeine when wanting to shed extra weight.

Studies carried out on rodents have shown that extended intake of caffeine aids in weight loss.  The amount of weight loss was also proportional to the amount of caffeine consumed.

Another study, conducted over 12 years, showed that people who use caffeine regularly were less prone to weight problems.

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