Dogfighting referee tied to ‘Vick’ gets 13 years in prison.


I don’t agree with a lot of US’s policies, but punishment for animal cruelty in Canada should be the same, it’s a shame that Canada does not do more to those who abuse animals and children. Nothing can take back the damage done to people who are abused, I know. And those who harm animals are cold hearted sick cowards. 

CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) — A man who authorities say sometimes refereed fights involving former NFL star Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation has been sentenced to 13 1/2 years in prison.

Authorities say Terry Kendrick bred fighting dogs in the basement of his Cincinnati home and had connections to dogfighting from New York to Florida to Texas.

Judge Robert Ruehlman said photographs and videos showed mauled dogs and blood-stained rings.

Ruehlman sentenced Kendrick to six years for dogfighting and seven-and-a-half more years for marijuana trafficking. Kendrick apologized in court Monday.

Vick is a former Atlanta Falcons quarterback serving a 23-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to federal charges. He still faces state dogfighting charges in Virginia.

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