Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

How many of you have tried those internet dating sites? Nothing screams louder than TRY PLAN B!!  There are many sites, some free other sites charge you an astronomical amount just for finding a mate, if you gotta pay for it you’re looking in the wrong place!! A few examples; true.com, match.com, sugardaddies4u.com, all alike but I think it’s more like leftovers.com. My gawd, I’ve never seen anything alike it. It’s like hanging out at the morgue. All the crap that’s on these sites. People with pictures they dug up in their attic from 1979 and put that their age as 30, when in reality they’re 45. Then there are those who have the same picture on the site for the last several years. 

I’ve spoken to a few people here and there, all short lived. Either they were creepy, scary or I purposely scared them away because of all the above. And there are those who’s picture are ancient or have just one picture of themselve from a far far distance and you can’t really see them because they’re 20 feet away from the camera, but you gotta lost who take a picture of their arms, or side profile where all you see is their right eye and nose???? And these very same people want to see more pictures of me (more than the 100 I already own, ALL RECENT) gotta love it when they say are all  of my pictures are from the same angle, at least the pictures are fresh and new.

And I love it when people say that appearance don’t matter, and you know what I say about that?? BULLSHIT!!  Look in the mirror and admit it.  Because if there is nothing remotely physically attractive about the person, how do ya expect something to arise? If you know what I mean.  Oh by the way, I’d rather have a receding hairline than rotten teeth or a nasty personaility.

I’ve had a lot more responses back in the days when I was in my 20’s. I mean I could lie and look for some pictures taken a 3 years ago when I was in my 20’s and pretend as if I never age and I look the same (WISHFUL THINKING), c’mon who doesn’t love fresh young meat, but once you truthfully insert your real age for example 32, and the profile doesn’t contain the the sentence "Looking to get fucked tonight",   not too many people respond.  Or if my profile doesn’t have a picture of my torso, scrotum and penis, the response rate is low. And those who reply to your profile are those who love trying to get what they can’t have. But I ain’t playing the game.

Speaking of scrotums, I was changing the channel on the TV lastnight and I came across a show about some plastic surgery show called Dr90210 or something like that, and a very young couple were getting some thing cut and tucked. it was just so cute they both had the same thing in common, his testicals were extremely low hanging and her lubia was loose as a goose and they were getting it fixed at the same time, she had her lubia removed and he got his low hangerbanger’s tightened. Maybe this was their 1st date and the met off a dating site "Loose 4 Loose"??

Back to the dating sites topic, I had one of those short lived conversations a few weeks ago with someone who I thought had quite a few things in common. I think it was the deep breathing that he heard when I answered my phone and told him I was dancing to Justin Timberlakes "SexyBack’ song, in my apartment, I think it scared him away, that or we both loved talking about ourselves, it was a competition on who can talk about themselves the most. Nothing about being self indulged, who doesn’t like talking about themselves? Some don’t, the introverted alike. Less is more, mysterious is good.

I think I have better chance of meeting someone if I were to walk a dog in the park. I don’t make the first move, and when I’m by myself I’m quite shy which is mistaken for being snobby.  So, if a dog will get me a date, that’s what I’ll have to do, damit! But the dog has to be cute little thing, more attention that way..lol..

I had my first appointment with my new doctor a few days ago, 1st appointment after a 2 month waiting list, you’d think I was waiting to see a specialist, but no,  Just any ordinary doctor.  Good doctors are hard to come by here, even though they’re free. I’ve been to countless doctors who get you in and out of their office so quick, it pisses me off, like if your ass is bleeding they send you away telling you your colon probably got scrapped while getting a vegetable or something. So after conversing for 20 mins, she referred me to 2 psychotherapists, it’s amazing what good doctor’s can figure out. Naw, it’s because during our conversation I mentioned I had an addiction problem almost 3 years ago and she thought it would be in my best interest to seek therapy. I’ve been clean since late 2005 without help or counselling. I managed on my own but slipped last year by taking prescription medication, too much of it. But I needed to continue with the therapy, actually it’s vital that counselling continues after a rehabilitation program.

We all could do better if we got some counselling, the difference between myself and the person next to me is that I admit it I am quite different..lol..I just describe it as being colorful.

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