Recent Video of Bernardo to be released to media

Why does the public want to watch a video of a psychopath? Why do these people get so much attention? Why so much interest in this crap? What does this say about society? Why are wasting taxpayer’s money on this? Let this monster rot in jail and never hear from him again.


Crown argued full 31-minute video could be misused on the Internet

Jun 10, 2008 12:13 PM

Staff Reporter

Members of the public will be able to see Paul Bernardo’s 31-minute jailhouse interview with police, in which he denies killing Elizabeth Bain, on TV and media websites, a judge has ruled today.

After grappling with how he should proceed, the judge decided that "since the Bernardo video does not contain graphic images or descriptions of Bernardo’s crimes. . . I see no basis to deny the application."

Assistant Crown Attorney Shawn Porter has originally submitted that there should be limitations on access to the video to limit its potential misuse. The Crown sought an order to preclude the media from posting the video on their websites and for TV to destroy video copies after a reasonable period of time.

Superior court judge David McCombs told the court, "in my view it is not appropriate to restrict the media’s use of the Bernardo video in the manner sought by the Crown."

The judge also said that media websites are "a means whereby interested members of the public may gain more information about a given news story."

"The Internet is now an established extension of responsible media outlets’ reporting. The time pressures of modern television news reporting dictate that usually only a snippet of video will find its way into regular news programming."

The judge agreed to media lawyer Iain MacKinnon’s request to extend the release a DVD of the Bernardo interview beyond the four media applicants he represented to include a total of some 12 media outlets, provided the outlets did not further distribute the disc.

The 31-minute interview was conducted with police in June 2007, at Kingston Penitentiary and filed as an exhibit in the pre-trial hearings for Robert Baltovich, Bain’s former boyfriend. The 42-year-old librarian was originally convicted of her murder in 1992 and was acquitted in a retrial in April, 18 years after her death.

Bain disappeared in 1990. Baltovich’s legal team had wanted to use the Bernardo video to point the finger at Bernardo as a possible suspect in Bain’s murder.

According to transcripts of the video released earlier, Bernardo is asked whether he killed Bain.

"That’s a loaded question," he says at first, then later: "The answer to that is no. But the 800-pound gorilla in a room, that’s a life-25 sentence, you know."

Bernardo is serving a life sentence for the murders of schoolgirls Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy


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