4 yr old shoots self using gun from grandma’s purse.

Grandma’s carrying guns, what is this world coming to?

Why does a grandmother need to carry a gun in her purse while shopping with her grand daughter at SAMS Club? 

Gun in purse beside child in a shopping cart = disaster!  

Keep the elders in old age homes PLEASE!

I don’t understand this whole thing about carrying a gun everywhere you go? What is this a battlefield?

Ops, I forgot, WELCOME TO THE USA!

Don’t get me wrong it happens in Canada too, but the one’s who carry guns and use them are called thugs.


Girl shoots self with gun from grandmother’s purse


COLUMBIA, S.C.–A 4-year-old girl shot herself in the chest today after snatching her grandmother’s handgun from the woman’s purse while riding in a shopping cart at a Sam’s Club store, authorities said.

A witness, Lueen Homewood, said store workers grabbed first-aid materials off store shelves to help the grandmother as she cradled the wounded child near the store’s pharmacy, The (Columbia) State newspaper reported on its website.

The girl was rushed to a hospital in critical condition and was recovering Monday afternoon after surgery, said police department spokesman Brick Lewis. Hospital officials would not release her condition after the operation.

Lewis said the grandmother, Donna Hutto Williamson, has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and the purse containing the small-calibre handgun was in the cart near the child. The 47-year-old Williamson, of Salley, was not immediately charged with a crime.

Williamson, a South Carolina magistrate, was distraught after the shooting, her mother-in-law said.

"The grandmother is just beating herself up," said Inease Williamson, 68. "She is just so upset. Everyone is upset."

Officials said the shooting, which was captured on store surveillance cameras, appeared to be accidental. Lewis said police would not release the video.

The store was closed while police investigated the shooting. It reopened Monday afternoon.

"Everyone at Sam’s Club is deeply saddened by today’s tragedy," Tara Stewart, state spokeswoman for Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the little girl and her family."

Concealed weapons permit holders in South Carolina are not allowed to carry weapons into buildings that prohibit it, or into government buildings, schools and daycare facilities, among other places.

It was not immediately clear whether the store had a sign posted that prohibited carrying guns inside.

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