Reality Boredom

The new season of ‘So Do you think you can Dance’ started tonight, since nothing else was on tonight, I thought why not.

Don’t hate me if I’m brilliant most times but listen, here’s some advice to those who go on national television. Before you make a fool of yourselves auditioning for some talent show, record yourself dancing on a camcorder or whatever device and if you can sit while you watch yourself without laughing at yourself for looking like a wacko, perhaps you’ve got talent, that or your in denial. Many people want their 15 seconds (minutes) of lamefame, but this is not the way to do it!  I did just that, I recorded myself dancing and I almost fell off my rocker, it was hilariously sad and embarrassing, do I want millions of people to witness that?? NO WAY!  What I want is to WOW people!

There was a 21 year old arrogant Italian prettyboy on the show, someone needed to burst his bubble cause his head is tooooo big, he will not get far in the biz with an attitude like that. I actually think he’ll do well…ass in air in gay porn. You’ve got to have confidence in the biz or at least fake it to make it, but when it’s over the top, I mean way over the top it becomes very ugly and people will look down on you. But inflated heads don’t get it, they’re too busy loving themselves. It’s actually huge insecurity.

Now to the judges of the show…their names escape my memory but there is one lady, now someone’s got to be under that table tickling her clitoris, she always goes into hysterically loud and hitch pitched spasms, and when she laughs so loud she must be exploding in her panties. It becomes annoying.

The show is entertaining to watch at times but like American IDOL it becomes redundant and just like other reality shows that are in their 20th season, the novelty wears off. How many times can we watch people eat bugs, spiders and other delicious species while they struggle to get along so they won’t get voted off some island on ‘Survivor’. 

Perhaps it’s me and that I get bored easily and thrive on new and exciting things to stimulate my senses and other good things. If I were in some relationship I am sure I would get bored of the sex, I would probably want to do it hanging upside down or play little red riding hood in the forest or something. I get so bored that I dance on the elliptical machine. I get so bored that I can’t walk a block from my house without listening to music on my blackberry.

I never talk to myself though.

Someone asked me if I will be going to see Rosie when she’s at Indigo in Toronto, apparently signing her crafty book, and um, NO.

Madonna tickets are at $350 each, oh and her special package deal scam (it includes mingling with other fans in a room while listening to Madonna’s music prior to showtime ,LIKE O MY GAWD FUN, and it also includes a laminated piece of cardboard that says "Im special") all for a bargain rate at $600 each.

 Listen UP!, this is an example of a LEGAL scam. If someone is wasting all that money on nothing, they need to see a doctor quickly, because that’s damn stupid! If someone is gonna throw away all that money do so by donating to a good cause, wasting it on the money hungry rich millionaires is retarded wrong and all they’re doing is making them even bigger millionaires, so rich they wipe their asses with bills, as you’re putting money into their already big fat bank accounts and your bank account is getting smaller.

Sometimes, I am politically correct and this is one example.



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