Marilyn Denis leaves Cityline, gets new show with CTV.

Marilyn Denis is leaving Citytv’s CityLine, although she’s sticking with her current employer, which technically now is CTV.

If that sounds confusing, well, it is.

But as a viewer, what you need to know is this:  Denis’ 19-year run as the host of the afternoon CityLine on Citytv has come to an end today. She quickly will re-emerge, however, with her own daytime show on CTV, likely later this year.

"She’s a CTV employee," CTV’s vice-president of communications Scott Henderson said yesterday.

"She’s a CTV on-air personality and she is continuing with CityLine during the transitional stage, but when her commitment with City-Line ends, she will continue with CTV."

When Henderson mentions the "transitional stage," he’s referring to the takeover of the former CHUM empire by CTV, as well as the concurrent severing of the old CHUM-City alliance.

The five Citytv stations across Canada were to have been part of CTV’s $1.7-billion purchase of CHUM.

Last year, however, the CRTC ruled the Citytv stations could not remain with CTV. Those five Citytv stations subsequently were sold to Rogers for $375 million.

Denis technically was a CHUM employee, and she still does a morning radio show on CHUM-FM (which now also is owned by CTV). So the new reality as far as CityLine goes is that Denis presently is a CTV employee doing a show for Rogers.

Obviously, that’s not a situation that could continue forever.

"Although it is too premature to publicly share details of our future plans for CityLine, we are working hard on exciting new concepts for the future," said Jamie Haggarty, the vice-president and general manager of Citytv Toronto. "We will miss Marilyn. However, we are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead."

When asked if any dates have been set for Denis’ transition, Henderson said, "There’s no timeline. It’s not like there’s a specific contract or commitment. For example, CP24 now is a CTV station that still is airing CityNews, so we’re still in the transitional stage.

"There’s a little bit of sharing going on. But ultimately, when Marilyn’s time at City-Line ends, she’ll stay with CTV."

A new host will be replacing CityLine.

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