Me, Myself and I

You know when we live in a live to work world when we make a big huge deal of the long weekend, as if it’s some huge celebration for those who live to work. People in this city and many alike work, go home and sleep, it’s a boring and dull cycle. Perhaps I am typing this because stressors are making me depressed. It has already been determined by many brain doctors I don’t have a chemical imbalance. imbalance perhaps.

In the year 2006, a few months after my release from ‘rehab’, I met a woman at work. At first we didn’t click, she says its because "we’re both diva like" and that "our personalities clash", but I beg to differ. But the thing I’m having difficulty with is the word ‘diva’, keep that for the females, I am not female nor feminine. Our friendship at the time was short lived because I gave her a difficult time for standing me up when we planned to go to Ikea, she didn’t bother calling to tell me she couldn’t make it, I’ve got little threshold. So I sent her an awful email and a ‘piece of my mind’. We never spoke since. Fast foward 1.5 years later  to a couple weeks ago, she emailed me, I was hesitant to type back an email but I did. Nonetheless, she’s cool. She’s the person I was referring to on my pervious blog. She’s intelligent, lots of fun, worldly and full of wisdom and insight.

We arranged to hang out for abit and I picked her up last night and we headed over to Chinatown, in downtown Toronto.  We always have fun, she’s awesome to hang out with there is never a dull moment when we hang out, we always got something to talk about. I can’t get enough of her company. Only if I can find a man like that, a very sad state I’m in with that situation. Anyway, since our friendship was shortlived she only knew some of my past until lastnight, I told her the ‘rehab’ experience, I have no problems letting my past be known because it doesn’t define who I am today and I am much better than ‘yesterday’. After all what I revealed, she told me my life should be made into a movie but then she made a good point, "but Joey with every good movie there has to be a good ending", and she said that for a reason, a reason I don’t care to deluge. In past year and 1/2 she was on some reality show.

I actually kept a note she gave when we first met and stored it in a glass frame. It was very thoughtful and encouraging. Sometimes we have to hold on to things to remind us what others see good in us, what we fail to see for whatever reasons it may be.

For some odd reason everytime her and I hang out we go to Chinatown, of all places. Most of the stores were closed by the time we reached the area, because we started to walk from the police station, (I parked closeby) and then towards Queen St all the way across to Dundas and Spadina where Chinatown is located, a bit of a walk. But we found a couple places that were opened. I don’t mind it there, because there’s so much culture downtown and there’s plentiful of imported spices and food. When I cook my vegetarian crap I love to cook with curry, cayenne pepper, oregano, mint, and others species, only if I knew how to combine all that and make it into a paste for my tofu.

For those who have been reading my blogs know that there’s no Joey blog without a bit of complaining. Insert here —> We walked into the most ghastly supermarket I’ve seen. It was very appalling, I thought I was going to purge and then contract some type of virus just by walking around in this particular Chinese supermarket.  There was a foul smell, like the nasty ass restrooms we visited in the area. It smelled like urine and as if something has died and it was pushed under the grocery shelves. My skin started to itch as we were looking around. What made us kept looking for stuff, I still wonder, you’d think it would make us walk out. I just don’t get it, how can anyone buy food or whatever it is in a place that that was like a sewer. If a person bought food from that place I wouldn’t be surprised they would die from food poisoning.

So we left and walked into another supermarket on Spadina and it was much much better, except that the bean curd didn’t have any prices on the packages and that employee’s were dumb as a door knob, reason I say this is because the line up at the cashier was so long, they had 3 employee’s at one cashier, one doing cash, the other bagging and who knows what the 3rd one was doing.  And they got angry when I asked for the price for the items but they rang it up anyway. I would only buy it if it’s something less expensive than the other supermarkets I  normally go to or something I can’t find elsewhere.  My friend said to me "Joey, this is a bloody market, not ‘The Bay’ (for the American readers ‘the Bay’ store is kinda like ‘Nordstorm’ or ‘Neiman and Marcus’ or perhaps ‘Macy’s’) where you ask the prices".

I’m very jealous of her actually, her and her fiance are traveling to Europe for 2 months, backpacking.

I think I’ve reached a point in my life where I can be my own bestfriend and be the ‘Me, Myself and I’. Can that possibly be when I am my worst enemy?

Listen to Beyonce’s song ‘Me, Myself and I’.

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