With Darkness comes Light –

Excuse me if I don’t make sense like usual, I’ve got so much on my mind everything that is not included in this blog.

I’m trying with all crap that’s going on, so much in little time. I just gotta hang on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

 I’ve had a conversation this evening with an "old" friend of mine and only if I practise what I preach. Someone once said to me happiness is a journey and not a destination. It’s been a long journey for me and I’m trying to find that place, only if I knew what that place is.Nothing seems good enough,  I gotta complain about everything, like a old grumpy man at 32, I shouldn’t be this way. I feel that I’m not accomplished enough, good enough, right enough. Those thoughts still remain, seems like they’re inescapable. The thing about this friend is that she has a lot of wisdom and they’re things I’m able to relate to, it seems that I’m more compatiable with women. I have no trust issues with women as I do with men. Men and I don’t mix well. I actually don’t like men. Most of the men in my family are, how do I say this politely…they’re assholes. I’m sure deep down they’ve got a sweet spot, I said DEEP DOWN.

She walked downtown in the Financial District; King St, Bay St all those places and you see these business big shots in their big shot dress suits looking unhappy. Money doesn’t buy happiness. People have a misconception of it.A lot of people dream of it, they buy lotto tickets dreaming that it fix their lfie, or for some the easy way, they find an ugly wrinkled man. No offense to the ugly old man, I will be that in 35 years when I’m in my 70’s. I am not counting. I want those years to come very slowly. The media is a horrible source of entertainment, every other channel is about the rich and famous or crimes or in a lot of cases your rich and famous doing crime

Anyway, I know it  many many many times money means nothing at all in one way or another. I’m a slow learner sometimes. I tried a job that paid extremely well and I hated it. The money meant nothing at all when I felt miserable. Same thing with romantic relationships, if you’re in it for the money, you’re not happy. Happiness is not materialistic and all that fades, doesn’t last long and you’re back to where you were at when you began, being unahppy.

Many seem interesting in Barbara Walter’s as her new book has been all over the media, well Entertainment news and I said who the hell wants to hear about a 90 year old woman tell stories of her past sex life? Well, apparently, a lot of people are interested. Her all tell biography sold 250,000 copies the first week. I guess a lot of people are into granny stuff.

I wonder sometimes, if celebrities actually go out there and buy their own stuff in bulk just to make the charts.

Two things I’ve got to mention, ONE, don’t try to hack this website, there has been on a few occasions where the passwords have been tampered with. Just to let you know, I know everything and I’ll leave it at that, I don’t pay money for this website for nothing.

And TWO.. A government representative has been in contact with me in regards to this website and don’t worry, I’ve got my ass covered. I’m familiar with the law. VERY familiar. So really, no need to be messin with me.

Rejoice all you bisexuals and in the closets peeps, the Playboy Channel will be airing gay porn. Anything professionally made looks fake, Amateur is the way to go. What’s next the gay Playboy mansion? Or shall I say the ‘Play (Hey)Girl Mansion?? Shaved bare crotches are SICK! Looks so unatural. I call it Prickle Dickle’s. Ok, I don’t.

This year 3 DIVA’s will be tramping around the world with their world tours and no I am not one of them..Madonna, Tina Turner and now Janet Jackson. Tina Turner NEVER disappoints. Madonna has a couple times, sometimes I wonder what Madonna was thinking. And Janet is not my cup of tea. Janet is interesting to watch in an interview because she’s very private and mysterical and I wonder what she’s gonna say. Speaking of ‘Diva’s, apparently Madonna will be following Oprah’s footsteps and will be building a girl’s school in Malawai. I don’t understand why only a girl’s school?? Boys don’t education? Yes, men SUCK!

 I’ve got an idea! When I have millions of dollars like those rich bitches I will be building a GAY school in Iran. Why Iran? I’ve read or heard that some prominent figure in Iran  has claimed that there are no gays in Iran. So, I want to change that, I want to bring the gays to Iran by building the one and only gay school in the world and in IRAN! I’m gonna call Elton John and ask him what he thinks.

On a different note, I know that the ‘Help Conquer Cancer’ Home Lottery is fixed. Isn’t it a concidence that the winners of the grand prize dream home was won by a family? Yes, I know it’s for a good cause, but I think the lottery is fixed.You never see a single gay guy or single person win those homes. And why are the winners names published 7 days later and "through regular mail’???? Obviously, I am missing a lot of info.

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