Promo Removed

‘Hard Candy’ is the remedy to sleep deprivation, it will surely put you to sleep.

I have removed the ‘Madonna Promo’ for a few reasons. However the free music stull remains in the music section. 

For you to get ‘Hard Candy’for free, you’d thank me,  as the album sucks ass and it bored the hell out of me. And along with that was her recent mini concert in NYC, another bore. I would of posted the video but I didn’t want anyone to suffer watching a mediocre performance.

It’s not even appropriately titled, it’s no where close to hard nor sweet as candy it should of been titled ‘Soft Granny’.

Perhaps her prior album ‘Confessions On a Dancefloor’ is a tough act to follow, she raised her own bar too high. Pairing up with top hip hop producers didn’t really help either.

She’s so tiring she needs a nap.

OMG, what’s up with the goodle ads on my site????????? Kidney Stones Ads???


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