Here and over there and a bit on the side

I have obsessive complusive odd behaviour, I just threw in odd in there. I say this because whenever I can I keep changing things on the blog, I always find something that doesn’t look right, so I have to fix it. It’s like art, really. I have to figure out the codes, modes, px’s, the sections etc, it’s not an easy task. But it keeps me sane. For example, I figured out the codes and measurements to get it where it is now from before. It’s suppose to be user friendly, BUT ITS NOT, and I am paying for this, They’re suppose to release a new version of the interface which I am using and some of the things to be included and which are so long overdue, are 3 columns, previously I had a 2 column site, and also they’re to introduce new layouts etc like horizontal navigation bars…and guess what, I don’t need to wait for it..because….


And it didn’t take overnight, it took hours and hours of adjusting the widths, heights, colors etc. And I am still never done.

Anyway, I am stronly considering taking more courses at Second City..I’m on their email list and everytime I receive the emails, its very tempting to register, for some reason I have a need to do some more entertainment stuff…something in me just wants to jump out and be who I ought to be, cause currently it’s not what I want to be. I’ve been just doing the talk.

I wanna work in a zoo and feed the beautiful lions (we’re related). I wanna volunteer and help combat animal cruelty. I wanna not be a born again virgin. I wanna, I wanna.I wanna.


I havn’t posted comments lately, but I read them, and strange one’s…

It’s been in the news, the story of that Canadian women who was held in a Mexico prison for a crime she said she didn’t commit. GUILTY!  Her fake cries are dead giveaways, she had a part in the fraud scheme but in my opinion it was an attempt to commit fraud, there was no monetry gain on her part. A crime of this nature and waiting 2 years for it to be dealt with, is bullshit. But that’s Mexico for ya, can’t be anymore corrupt.

And recently in Calgary a baby died when the parents called for an ambulance using their VOIP phone, that was dispatched in Ontario. A few months ago my friend and I joked about doing just that, using a service like Vonage to call 911.  Something about the voip lines that I don’t trust and the last thing I would do is use a voip line to call 911, even though if the information in the database is up to date and in their case it wasn’t. It’s my guess that the family had a Toronto # because with VOIP you’re able to use it anywhere you have an internet connection, and can save lots of money on long distance. Its a sad case. And I hate VOIP service, so unreliable and the quality is very choppy, sound like a broken robot.

More and more people are not using landlines, but you can’t go wrong with it these days, Bell is very competitive and if an unfortunate circumstance emergency does occur, chances of an error is little to none. And you don’t sound like a broken psychopathic robot like on VOIP. Power outages and internet outages, you also got no phone using VOIP…so even if you are saving money, I think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Rihanna and Kanye West will be in Toronto for concert May 9 to 10, and I like Rihanna, but the thing is I don’t think she dances in her shows, and one thing I don’t see a show without is a big production. We’ll see.




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