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I FOUND the answer to one of the tons of life’s problems.



I would have days where I would be eating whole grain bread, but every since I’ve eliminated all breads from my diet, I’ve lost a substantial amount of fat….WOOOOOOHOOO Y’all!!

I live a lot, not a little..But one thing I follow religiously is a strict routine which consists of no fun, no sex, I eat the same boring veggie diet everyday..oh..oh..a piece of Lindt %85 Dark Chocolate….c’mon how much more strict can it be??? In my mind I can’t splurge because then I will have to worry about the damage control afterwards…warm weather is here, I can’t wear layers of clothing to hide the pinches of inches..I could wear a man’s girdle

Hey, I once wore a back support/girdle in my early 20’s, I was that insecure with my body at the time I wore one for a few years. AND, I was much slimmer than that I am today. Now, I walk around like I don’t care without hiding any pinch of inces, depending on the day and the water retention/stress/bloatness..we all have our days.. if one has a problem with the pinch an inch problem, then PINCH IT BITCH!

I’ve received a few suggestions or ideas on what to do in front of the camera for my video blog, but I am a person who finds it extremely boring and dull to just sit there and talk in front of the camera.  If I were to go in front of the camera it would have to be something where it involves a lot of weirdness (the fun and good way) and something that is different. I tend to promise that I will one day record myself dancing on my elliplitcal trainer (cross-trainer exercise machine) but I end up not doing it. It’s not the most exciting thing, but it’s different.

Last year I took a webcam and sat in front of it and 6 hours later I ended up not publishing it because of some stupid reason(s) or another. So I ended up videotaping myself masturbating… way in hell I’ll do that..but it’s there on YouTube, a fictious video of me moaning etc. And oh yea, I don’t have BIG teeth, it’s the camera. It also makes me have a big nose and I don’t have a big nose.

Madonna is not as smart as I thought she was. I watched an interview of her on Good Morning America and the answers to the questions asked were just stupid. If she really wanted to make a big contribution to Malawaii or other poor countries where there is a crisis, the answer is not adopting a child. She’s following other celebrities such as Angelina Jolie as if it’s some trend or fad. I think the goal or biggest contribution these overpaid and filthy rich celebrites should do is what Oprah has done, she opended a school for girls, girls who would of never had the chance to get the education that can further themselves in their lives. And helping one child at a time in adoption, I agree is a start, but there’s a bigger problem. And what should be done is to use their resources, money, to build hospitals, medical centre’s, medications, food etc for all those in desperate need. But adopting a child these days is all but a fashion trend, carrying a foreign child in one arm is like carrying a GUCCI bag.

Look everyone!

Tootles Mcdoodles

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