Life As

Ok, really..I need to learn all this and create things the way I want it to be..I have so many ideas on the blog but I don’t have the capabilities just yet…they’ve been saying a new platform will be released but that was back in March. You see, only when you teach yourself or gain knowledge on how to do what you want the opportunities are endless.

And if it requires me to do do it all on my own, all I need is a self taught video of some sort or a tutorial and not take some 10 week course on DreamWeaver, a web developer software program, a very expensive one I must add and one that takes up lots of memory on your computer.  All I need is patience and time. So hopefully, it will be released soon.

 I just want the new features to be implemented ALREADY, DAMIT!, so I can spice up my website. I believe in change, gotta change things to make it interesting and not a lot of people like change. I love change, well depending on what the change is. For example, I hate moving, as in moving to a new place. For me, and I’m sure many others, it’s very stressful and exciting at the same time. It’s the packing, the unpacking, new phone/satellite/high speed, mail service, and then making the new place your home. But very much like new shoes, a fresh clean pair of jeans, and a virgin, it’s all about breaking into.

Anyway, the next time I move which I foresee in the very near future, I’m gonna hire people and fly to Cuba or something while someone else does the moving for me. NO WAY IN HELL!  I have to watch everything, or do I?

My grandfather is out of the hospital, he was there for 2 weeks and if you want to know a living miracle he is one of them.  Besides seeing it all in the 86 years of his life, including the real wars, concentration camps, the Germany’s thing, the Hitler and tons of other events. Today he weighs 384 lbs (according to my mother who said the hospital weighed him on the hospital bed.. bless his soul, but he’s obese at 86 and to live this long, that’s what? one in millions????  Well, he doesn’t do anything, doesn’t move, nothing, he has my grandmother as a slave, literally his right arm to do everything for him, he lives on many medications.

And they say to prolong your life, exercise and eat right…

Some of my family is celebrating Passover. When I used to live with my family 11 or so years ago, and when I was an innocent virgin, I remember the Passover dinners, and I hated it because it required my family to sit at table and pretend we were a functional family. I’m an excellent actor I smiled and pretended, the inner voice was saying "Fuck, I hate you, I rather eat with the neighbours. Far from being functional. So dysfunctional that I had to be forced and to go to my ‘brother’s’ wedding and when my father dislikes my sister’s husband because he’s not jewish.

A lot of times, I wish I can rescue and save people.

I’m highly considering rescueing a tiny dog from the shelter. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now. Just need to make it’s the right decision and it’s at the right time in my life right now.

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