In line for Life (PROOF READ!! JOEY)

Dear Diary:

Ok, I’m gonna freak out. My left ear has been plugged for a few days now, and that’s NOT normal. I was really sick for a few days with a bad chest cold and still have some of it left over, then what the fuck, now my ear is plugged. So, I went out searching for a doctor. And to my American readers this is for you, we may have free health care here in Canada but good luck finding a doctor that accepts new patients. Usually the doctor’s who are accepting new patients are walk-in clinics, recent grads, and crappy doctors. What I mean by crappy doctors, those doctors who’s office is like a deli counter. You walk in and check right out with a quick remedy, look at you for a second and do squat.  Really good doctors don’t do that. They ask questions etc.

So, on Friday I went to a walk-in, waited forever, then went to the secretary and asked her how many more patients before me, she said 5. I said "WHAT?? FIVE!! I’ve been waiting here forever!!", She said there’s only one doctor in today. So I asked her why didn’t she tell people, so they know what to expect, to wait a long time because there’s only one fregin doctor.

It’s bullshit. I never ever recalled our health system this bad. A few years ago, good doctors were easy to find and not scarce. I live in an area where there are tons of doctors. I literally scoured the area and NOT ONE doctor is accepting new patients. How pathetic!!

So, since I don’t go to doctors regularly, I stopped at the post office and did I ever tell you, to work at the actual post office (not the outlet locations which are contracted, because they’re better trained), all you need is an IQ of 20. So, I was thinking that because she works in the area perhaps she’ll have some knowledge of where I can find a walk-in (a different one than the one a few blocks from me) .She told me that there’s on right across the street, so I walked in all happy because I needed to see someone about my annoying plugged ear. So, she whispered to me, and I couldn’t hear a word she said because my left ear is plugged, I know how it feels to be hard of hearing, I finally got what she said, she raised her voice and said "this is a sexual clinic", I said "what?? some CanadaPost employee apparently on some bad crack told me to come here, I don’t need to seek help on sexual stuff, I AM NOT GETTING SEX, I don’t need to seek help on anything sexual. I am a born again virgin for god sake. And trust me, my plugged ear was not because of some thing that may of squirted in there…lol..ok, that was sick.

Oh boy, these things only happen to me! Which I don’t mind, because it makes like more livier and interesting. A lot of times I look on the brighter side.

So then I remebered that I’ve seen a doctor a few years ago in a building across the street, and waited for 1.5 hours to see him. And another reason why I’ve been wanting to see a doctor, is because the cough and runny nose is not going away, and I take ‘Reactine’ everyday, and it’s not my allergies. He did sqat for me. Where do these doctors get their degree’s from, the gumball machine????

Yesterday, I went to a women’s convention called ‘LifeFest’, I’ve been last year and enjoyed it. Even though its meant for women, only one or two of the free things they give out is only for women, tampons and shavers, everything else men should and could use. So, tons of free stuff!!!  After you listen to some 4 min lecture about the product. Gimme a break! I don’t need a lecure on some moisturizer, it’s not rocket scientist. What boggles my mind is what people would stand in a mile long line up for. For example, a slice of grapefruit for some Grapefruit Juice product..or a teaspoon sample for some TV dinner. GET REAL! R U KIDDING ME?? 

Should of been a convention for homeless people!


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