Do you ever feel that whatever your doing now in your life is just not enough and that you have so much more potential?

I think about it EVERY FUCKIN DAY!

I watched "No Country for Old Men’ lastnight, I’m slow..but what did I miss? because I did not think that movie was Oscar material.

I need inspiration.

I need to fulfill my dreams, time is ticking and I look outside my window and I see my life pass on by on a gloomy, rainy day.

Taking out the garbarge is the highlight of the day. What a sad existence.

I’m typing this blog as my laptop burns my naked leg. I sleep naked. FYI and TMI.

My dream? I have many. To play a freak, in a movie. For example, a mentally ill hermaphrodite suffering an identity crisis…something I btainnstormed within minutes before going on stage in my acting class last summer. Only if I knew where and how to start the process.

Only if.

Dreams are good, as they don’t have expiry dates, but it’s taking action that does.

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