Lights OUT tonight at 8pm!

Hey y’all, I give permission to call me a blimp. I’ve ballooned due to being sick.

The things I post about myself on my blog, where else but here? lol… I’ve been literally bedridden for the past few days. My curtains have been closed, and that’s not the norm for me, I like a lot of natural light in my apartment, but I was feeling so sick as if I were on my deathbed (god forbid), it felt cozy sittin the dark during the day. On Thursday, my chest cold/cough/virus, I wasn’t able to talk nor breathe properly..I should of called a doctor for a house call, however I prefer only to see a doctor when things get worse, so yesterday I began to feel better and today I feel much much better,more alive and out of my bed

So, most people lose weight when they’re sick..HALLLLOO, Not ME!!.

I think I’m some sort of alien. I think I’ve gained 20 or 50lbs laying in bed for the past few days as I was also eating a lot. For some strange apparent reason my body was craving lots of food. It wasn’t a dehydration issue, as I drink tons of water. But I’m still sick, I still have a chest cold and I look pregnant.

Just call me FattyPatty.

No don’t. Im only allowed to beat myself up.

So, at 8pmEST to 9PM EST, this website and my home will be closing the lights and literally go all black for 1 hour, as I am taking part in Earth Hour. Well, it seems like I was taking part of Earth HourS these past couple days, I was in bed and in the dark. It just shows how important it is to sleep when you’re sick as it’s your body’s time to repair itself. And sure did. Feeling the way I did, I thought I was gonna be sick for a week. Oh yea, and chicken soup does wonders, I wouldn’t of got better this quickly without chicken soup.


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