Fat and SICK

The hell with getting ill. I’ve got no idea how in the world I got sick, I don’t kiss stranger’s lips, I rarely use public transit, and I am thinking it’s got to be bronchitis, when I sneeze it kinda hurts. Even though I don’t smoke, I remember when I first got sick with the virus, it was when I was very young. I’ve never smoked. So it’s quite odd. But my mother smoked and still does, I wish she quits smoking, especially after her brother died recently from cancer.

Ok, where am I going with this…anyway..

And I’m one odd one, let me tell you. Most people who get sick, lose their appetite. Not me!!! My body craves food, Im eating more carbs than usual and I’m getting FAT!! I feel pregnant. I’m due anytime now. Well I will be due if I continue getting fat..lol.

Did you people’s see ‘Primetime’ tonight? It was about hidden camera on what people really think in normal day to day situations. For example, those who witness a lot of times say it’s the wrong suspect, because witnesses, when presented with 10 different possible suspects, end up chosing the wrong person and that wrong person ends up in jail. Another situation shown was an overweight woman sitting on a bench on beach and spoiled high school kids stand there and harass her, the hidden cameras are there to see what the passerby’s reactions are. One woman holding a child interfere’s and begins to cry because she’s feeling the pain of the woman being harassed, than another woman reacted the same way,something like how would of ,"You fuckin’ kidding me? Get out of here! Stop harassing this woman."

That scene hit home for me. Because what that woman on the bench went through, happened to me for most of my childhood. Sometimes we watch these things and it takes us way back, a wounded part of us. Anyway.. the passerby’s in the scene were real, the teenager’s and woman on the bench were actors, the whole thing was a set up to see how passerby’s would react.

I need rest.

Boring post today.

The bed feels like heaven when you’re all sick and you wrap yourself in your duvet.

Ok, I need to shut off laptop or else I wont sleep.





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